Theives, “Above it All”

What has happened to our world. We walk past each other, no smiles, no eye contact. Mostly we look down at our phones all day. Not caring about those that still walk around us. We do not care about one another. And I wish that would change. I am 50s housewife at heart, though I am far from that decade. I have watched my own home being broken into on multiple occasions. Walking in to my home to find a man running out of my living room. Chasing him down the street for being the EVIL excuse for a human being. I definitely feel passion to stop lies and thievery.
Why is stealing acceptable to them? What makes them above the law, above feelings. Why can’t they think about there actions? When you take something from someone, do you think about how they feel about it?
I was raised to believe “Do onto others as you would have done to you” I was not religious, I am still not religious. I just believe in right and wrong. Honesty. Trust.
I cannot trust my home unarmed, unlocked, or unwatched. I can’t trust to stop and tie my shoe with my bike. I can’t trust lightrail.
We can’t trust the people that are all around us. There is so much EVIL in this world. And they just believe they won’t be caught or effected by the actions they make.

Well. Hear this.
That christmas present they just tossed over the fence, yea that’s what that little girl wanted for the past 3 years. You didn’t just take the toy she’d been dreaming about opening, you destroyed her Christmas.
That bike you stole from that bike stand, locked up or not. Belongs to someone that needs it, what if thats there only means of transportation? What if all they have left in the world is a bike?
That Ipod you stole from that girls backpack? She just got that the week previous, and it was her first MP3 player that wasn’t a hand me down.

I just can’t grasp how they believe its okay. Whomever raised them, fucked up.
Teach your kids right from wrong, stealing is a terrible thing to do. Lying is just as bad.
I feel like I’ve got to be one of the last “kids”, I didn’t have a cell phone til I was a SOPHOMORE in highschool. And it was almost at the end of it. Didn’t have texting. Just calls. I saw a 14 yr old with a blackberry yesterday, and better brands that even I wear.
Why can’t we send our kids out on bikes, because we have drunks driving thinking thats okay.
Why can’t we leave our doors unlocked at night, because we have thieves thinking that its okay.
Why can’t we lock our bikes in downtown Sacramento, because someone somewhere is out there looking for a bike where no one is looking. Waiting on you to leave, so they can get away with your bike. So they can make an easy unearned buck.
Why can’t we trust our credit cards at gas stations or restaurants, because someone thinks they can get away with taking an extra bit of cash for themselves.
Why can’t we walk alone anywhere as women, because there is someone lurking wanting to steal our purses, jump us in the alley, or rape us up against a fence.

I cannot stand the world I live in, I wanted to be a mother. My passion in life. I love the innocence of a child, the unadulterated love they feel for you. Never swaying. We care more about ourselves than our kids these days and I think that should change.
I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world today. Force them to live out a life that is filled with hatred and missing the beauty of the world. Unable to experience compassion.
I truly care about the well being of other people, and all animals(Except snakes). And I wish I knew more people that felt the same way.


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