Sounds like a day I’ve been needing. Sun, fun, relaxing, and good company. 🙂

The Highest Of Times

On Saturday the second of March we sat, the three of us, in our customary spot in Matt’s house. Now why might we have been there? Well you see, Josh, Matt and Myself had to ourselves just about five pounds worth of a rather special pungent green plant matter. Of course I am talking about cannabis. So we began, and using our favoured rolling papers (Rizla King Size, Slim) created a nice tightly packed cone with the whole 5 in it. As we departed from Matt’s at about four in the afternoon we excitedly headed towards one of our favourite places to blaze. We have unofficially dubbed it “The Field with the Tree” quite simply because it has a tree in it, original I know.


The sun was shining upon us as we walked through Wotton, our minds on the warm breeze and the comfortable temperature of the day. Continuing…

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