Justice was served

Time for a beautiful story. Inspiration has struck. I’d like to share a story I’d like to remember for years to come.

Last week, through all of my issues I was going through, before I decided to deal with them. I came across my Sacramento Cyclists page on Facebook. A friend-to-be Isaiah posted that his friends bike was stolen. He posted a photo and where it was taken in Downtown Sacramento, where I live, and work. Where the week previous my aunt had her bike stolen. I could handle the stealing no more. I watched Craigslist for both bikes. I have the time at work to carefully watch. So, I did.

My aunts bike was long gone, she saw her pieces showing up on CL, not the bike itself. There was no retrieving it now. But I was watching, just in case. I saw the bike Isaiah posted, but it had been slightly modified, I still knew it was his friends. I hopped on that. I posted the ad on his comments for the photo. The community came together. All of us following the post started texting this guy. Talking about how to best retrieve it. We were texting as if to purchase the bike from the thief. He admitted to painting the frame, and that he was not the original owner, that the bike was too tall for him. We all kept in touch with each other, fully aware of every message sent to this prick.

I was not there for the retrieval, but Isaiah posted the story, quoting me by name.

“Ok guys heres the full story my boy Stephen had his bike stolen from his side yard some time between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Told him to file a report and we started posting pics here, bike forums and Pedal Hard asking the bike community to keep an eye out. And I have to say you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Rachel Neal actually found the posting and notified me and Ricardo Robles thanks for being down to go help us get it back. I called the guy “Christopher” he said he had the bike for 5 months and needed to pay rent so he needed to sell it. Trying to make it seem legit as possible I made him lower the price to $200 and said we’d meet up for a test ride at downtown plaza at 5 between the mall and old Sac. I brought 4 of my friends with me just in case we things got bad. mind yo…u we told ourselves before hand we weren’t leaving without this bike no matter what. So one of friends walked up to him and checked out the bike you know go through the motions. Our friend called the police from a distance and we just stalled till they showed up the guy was overwhelmed and started yelling and talking his way into a deeper hole but kept saying it was his bike. We showed the officers the pics of the bike before and the police report and they let us take it on the spot. It turns out “Christopher” was on parole for burglary and was arrested on the spot!!! my friend Stephen still can press charges and is trying to figure out what he’s going to do considering he vandalized his property. But I want to thank everyone for your help from sharing the post/pics to scanning craigslist or calling that guy “Christopher” to see if he still had it. MORAL of the story take pics of all your parts and components lock up your bike and trust the bike community to come together and help you out! We’re so greatful for everyone thanks for keeping 1 more person on a bike!!!!!!!!!!”

So, with cops involved, and a community prepared, I took part in helping our community. I’m going to meet the men I’ve helped. It felt fantastic, to help them. And if I wasn’t busy, I would’ve loved to have gone with them to see it all go down.

I’m so thankful the bike was retrieved and in such a beautiful manner. May thieves learn from this, you can’t mess with a community. We stand strong for what we believe in.

Justice has been SERVED!


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