Peanut allergy

Since I was little, I’ve always hated peanut butter. The smell. The look. The taste. All of it. I always swore I was allergic. But I refused to eat it to actually find out to show anyone. We put some oils on my hand, and though I got itchy. Nothing happened. No redness or puffiness. So they claimed I made it up. I tried peanut oil once, in a bowl of soup or something oriental that my best friend Sam had. It was delicious. But then my throat was sore. And I no longer wanted to eat. Or talk. They gave me benadryl then. I should’ve figured it out then. I went to Gunthers ice cream yesterday afternoon. So looking forward to anything I got from there. I got a hot fudge brownie sundae. With no nuts or whipped cream. I should’ve seen the bumps through my melting hot fudge. They had put a touch of nuts and must’ve tried getting some off. But I ate a bite. And it hurt. So i ate another. And it hurt my throat more. Why? I don’t know. I assumed my mouth must be dry. I bought a water bottle. First sip. Still really painful. Whatever. Try and deal. Another bite of ice cream. Most pain yet! Then it clicked. ” I knew it was too crunchy!” Nuts. So I got a return, and had them scoop out my Pint of mint n chip with a new scoop. I haven’t tried it yet. But I’m hoping its nut free. Now I know, I am actually allergic to nuts. That it was never “in my head,” I have an allergy. I have a peanut allergy. May my life be made more complicated. :/ The only allergy thats terrible to stray from. I have to be picky and ask questions every time now. I must inform whomever is serving me of my lame allergy. As mild as it is. That was still really painful. I cannot share a drink with someone that has eaten peanut butter or nuts. Or kiss them for that matter. May I never have another allergic reaction. 🙂 Here’s to hoping.


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