This is the kinda Momma I’m gonna be. The passionate, want nothing but the best. And the kind not to mold, but to watch and be there. Just be there. The great kinda mother.
I thank this woman, this is a beautiful way to share your childs life, and to share your love with everyone. Its just, beautiful.

The Pearsons 4

This space is where I plan on documenting the life of my sweet boy Torrin Kenneth Angus and all that is him.  
For many, it will be nothing more than another momma writing love letters to her son, but to him and I, and his poppa, it will become reminders of what life was like before. It will also become a place for Torrin’s family and friends to see what he has been up to and watch (or I supposed read about) him grow.  
I have already written a few enteries, but have not began to post them, so I will start now, by sharing a letter I wrote to Torrin 5 weeks before his birth.

My sweet baby boy,
You will enter this world in just over 8 weeks, after spending every waking, kicking, squirming and occasional sleeping moment with me, your momma for the past 32 weeks (that is roughly 8…

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