My strength

My senior year, I was tested once more with men. I made this video as a way to forgive the couple that put me through hell. But I still resent them both. I should have done this to forgive myself.
I made this video ORIGINALLY to say goodbye to my school. The place that had tortured me for 4 years. Yes, I wanted to say goodbye in a public way. I was a TA in my Digital Imaging class. So, instead of doing the projects with the rest of the class. I took pictures of my classmates, those I loved, those I once loved, teachers I was crazy about(the dope ones that understood you), as well as the popular group I was once very briefly a part of.
Also, Sam, and Ana are frequently in here.
*Its a Rach(a)el thing.* As well. 🙂
( My name is Rachel, I’m with another girl, Rachael. And it was an inside thing. We were in sync. It became our thing that year.I completely forgot about that.)
We are pictured in here, only once. But Rachael is with Sam for the hearts picture.

* You’ll see*

I had to post this, before it becomes lost.

I spent months taking photos, and editing the video, and at the end of the year. Just before graduating. My friend Jen put it on our weekly Video News.

I needed to live like today was my last day, everyday. To get through my past. So, this video means A LOT to me.
I hope you enjoy. Please no hate comments. I was only a senior. And this was my first big project like this.


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