Though, I do drugs. And don’t plan on stopping any time soon. (Soft Stuff) I still really like this, its well written and its quite a good read. 🙂
But, like I said. I do drugs, so my opinion is different. Especially on Adderall.

Thought Catalog

I don’t do drugs.

That said I made and brought about a dozen weed infused rice krispie treats to Coachella weekend.

Let me reiterate, I don’t really do drugs.

Last year I fell into a proverbial windfall of marijuana when my old boss moved to Australia and bestowed upon me most of her stash, as well as her impeccable recipe for weed butter based rice krispie treats. In fact, I still have a jar of the stuff living in my kitchen cabinet, accompanied by a really nice pipe left by a loser I dated for a couple weeks.

Let me be clear, I have never purchased drugs, or drug related paraphernalia, and yet I have a whole cabinet shrine. It’s just that I don’t really do drugs. I never have.

At Coachella two years ago, my best friend and I had discussed the possibility of taking REAL drugs, like MDMA…

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