Confrontation: Part Two

Confrontation, Comparison, and Communication.

Comparison may be the heart of all unhappiness, but confrontation is probably worse. We as people are unsure of how to communicate with others when it comes to the point we have to tell them something they may not want to hear. We can’t handle the truth sometimes, and thats sad to say. When it tears best friends apart because there is something building inside them both. And neither can confront it.
Its those closest to us, that is the hardest to confront. But it has to be done, or you will watch them slip away. You don’t have to confront them face to face, that may lead to yelling and misunderstanding. A well written, level headed message or email should get the main point across, with a phone call or face to face interaction to follow. You should eventually figure it out. And if they mean that much to you, they will understand what you have to say. If you are not connected anymore, if they no longer care. They won’t get it, and it’ll just frustrate them and force them to let go. THIS is where it gets tough. Can you face your fears of confrontation?

Communication. Communication. Communication. You must learn to communicate. Every issue, every problem, every nagging thought. If you want things to change, you have to get it out.


What are you gonna do about it?


I dreaded confronting anyone about anything. I refused to confront those I was closest to, so instead I pushed them away. If ever we had something terrible happen or something lame was said. I let it build until I couldn’t stand to look at your face. Then it was time we needed to separate. So, I made sure of that.

I washed myself of multiple friendships because I didn’t want to have to confront them on an issue I couldn’t bare to speak of. That guy you gave yourself to, worst guy on the planet, literally. That note you wrote that made no sense that got us suspended. The time you said you couldn’t make it to my birthday party yet posted on FB that you could make it to another at the exact time of mine.

I’d like to thank my first love for this. Beaumont. You were the worst at confrontation about anything, and you let it blow up quite terribly when you did confront me. But, I stuck around. I thought you were worth it. And I know now, you weren’t.

We learned from each other. I learned I needed to step up and tell you what was wrong. We were living in our own apartment. We needed to be able to confront each other on important issues we’d previously just shoveled into a corner assuming it’d disappear. It doesn’t go away. Those thoughts stay until you discuss them and accept them. I had to confront you on your stealing, that apparently you stole from everyone the whole time I lived with you. Somehow I didn’t notice that, and you had to confront me on what you really think of me. That you believe I am still like I was in HS. That you can’t grasp the concept of why I did all the terrible things I did. How could I have put myself in that situation. How could I have wanted to be with them. Why did I choose that life. Why couldn’t I take the route that you took.
I was not a superstar athlete in HS, I was a pretty good swimmer, and could’ve totally pushed myself more in many ways to be a different person. Do better in school.

You got to experience an ENTIRELY different kind of life than me. We are complete and total opposites, I am not sure how I managed to fall for you. You were so amazing in the beginning. Was it me that changed you? Did I turn you into a terrible human being? I did not cheat, yet you checked my phone daily. I did not see my friends, because you wanted to see me after work. Yet you’d be with yours when I got home, or worse, when I needed you. You were never reliable. Never. I somehow let you DRIVE over my foot! You never met me when I needed you, desperately. You do not think of how others would feel by what you do. It was only about you. Hiding from your parents, or running from me when you couldn’t confront me. Yes, physically ran out of my house and down the street once.. 

And I have confronted you. About everything you’ve done, and you’ve found the courage to confront me, rather than running. You can confront your own father now. When previously, you hid in the closet at his knock. Great fella.

But, this wasn’t for bashing. Confrontation. Something we all struggle with.



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