Van Helsing House started it all

As a kid I remember loving haunted houses and always wanted to go to fright fest and absolutely adored watching all the coolest scary movies with my dad. I absolutely loved all of it, I could take on the world with my dad by my side. I still feel that way about most things. But, I don’t even think he could get me to go into a haunted house now.

I went to Universal Studios once with my family. If you haven’t been there. They had a Van Helsing House. It was just another Haunted house. I went in with my dad and the whole family behind us. I don’t remember how this happened. But he let go of my hand when I got to the last monster jumping out at people. I couldn’t walk by it alone. But my family had continued on without me.
I crawled behind a trash in the little corridor before the last monsters room. I sat crying hearing each scream of each person that walked through. I was getting more terrified by the moment. Stranded, alone, unable to find my way out. I couldn’t go forward but I couldn’t go back. One of the creepy but not scary actors saw me, started to come see if I was okay and he only scared me back into a corner frightening me more.
He went and got a security guard, I saw him speaking to him. But until the security guard came to me I couldn’t think positive. I thought I wasn’t getting out til I was about to pass out from being so frightened.
I don’t know how long I stayed in there before he came.
But he listened to my sobs, let me cover my eyes while he walked me through the last room and ordered him back.
I was then outside. No family members near.
In fact. They didn’t notice I was gone.
My dad was on the phone, a work call of course. My mom sitting with my younger brother near where my sister was getting her photo taken with Tyreese from the Fast and Furious. I wanna say Tyreese… I forget. I didn’t care. I was fucking terrified.
I was still crying when I finally found them. But. I felt awful. Why didn’t they notice I disappeared?
I haven’t gone into a haunted house since. I can’t take the chance I won’t make it out. I am frightened to the core. I am aware they are actors. I just can’t do it anymore.

My friend Ashley and her cousin got me to go to Fright fest, for a 3rd time. But though the park was awful for me, they tried to get me into the small haunted house they had in the middle of the park. I got about 2 feet in before running out. I still can’t do it.
It doesn’t help that my first fright fest… I was on the swings when they let them out. One guy saw my facial reaction to him being near the swings line.
He waited for me to get off. He stared me down while the ride came to a slow/ stop. I was panicking. Starting to really freak out. I couldn’t leave the swings. Sam had to grab me, hold me close and scream at the guy.
“Back off can’t you see she terrified?”
Something like that. I remember feeling like a wuss but LOVING that she helped me. I just cuddled into her when i sat finally. Just freaking out. It was a terrible idea to go to a haunted park.
I heard Mr. Saxobeat for the first time at Fright fest. One of them. But. I don’t think I can do it. I love six flags. I love roller coasters. I still love scary movies. But I cannot go to Fright Fest. I cannot go to a haunted house.
I am so scared shitless at the idea of people going out of there way to scare me. Not when I feel like I’m walking through the world alone.
I need reassurance, and I clearly need to be comforted and feel safe and secure. Always.


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