Oh the Irony

You have GOT to be kidding me! So, I found out my ride up to Portland fell through. And the train wasn’t gonna be worth it. Just to arrive mid day saturday and leave mid day Sunday arriving home Monday morning.

Monday my building is closed in observance of the Holiday. I did not know that. Or I would have gotten a flight.

Not that it matters greatly, Ana has an interview on Monday. But shit.

That’s annoying as shit.

But, now I have this Thursday, Friday AND next Monday off. Too bad I don’t have anywhere I can go for a FUCKING WEEK off of work. I should be thankful. I should be grateful. I get to sleep in several days in a row. But, not with my best friend. I get several days off of work so I can actually get out and go places, enjoy the sunshine. Ooh, I’d love to enjoy the sunshine. But not with my best friend.

I get to do whatever the fuck I want, and explore wherever. Just not with my best friend. Fuck. I’m just mad. Of all the times to get a Monday off, when I’ve previously asked for the other days off. Awesome.

Just fucking awesome.

So, how ironic is that? Right after I find out I can’t make my trip, that its not worth it, I get an EXTRA day off. Sure, the sleep will be nice, and not working those days will be amazing. Its not fucking funny that I can’t go up to Portland and now I’m forced to take another day off.

An entire week I could’ve had if I had known, and if I had managed to plan better. But, no. Nope. I’ll be stuck in Sacramento to think about all the time I could’ve had with her. 😦

At least I assume one of those days I’ll finally be able to sleep in next to my guy. 🙂


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