Too honest?

Couldn’t pass it up. I believe it, except the fat comment, we just need to stop asking, we’re super self conscious no matter how we look in our best clothing, our best body. Its just a feminine obsession. I am skinny as shit and occasionally feel that way. We as women just have to stop.

Twin Chicks


FINALLY, the guys’ side of the story. ( I MUST ADMIT, IT’S PRETTY GOOD.)










1.. COME…

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16 Things From The 90s That (Definitely) Screwed Us Up

BAHAHA, its so very true. I love it, I do. I’ve always, I repeat, ALWAYS wished to wake up and have magical powers, I have a strange obsession for Charmed, Bewitched, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Loved them all. And I was scared shitless of Legends of the Hidden Temple, and despised the TMNT, they just freaked me out, so very much.

Thought Catalog

1. Furbies

So I owned a Furbish dictionary…mostly because my Furbies would come alive at night in my closet and talk to each other in their native tongue. WHAT WERE THEY SAYING TO EACH OTHER?! Obviously, they were talking about me, right? Either that or their plot to take over the world. Paranoia: it starts young.

2. Tamagotchis

Let’s be real…they had like three buttons. They didn’t stand a chance at staying alive past the end of the week. And yet, you couldn’t help but feeling like the scum of the earth when they inevitably died.

3. “Bananas in Pyjamas”

Because if bananas could talk, they definitely would be Australian. Life-size, pajama-wearing twin fruits who ran down the stairs, chased teddy bears…and, well, that’s pretty much it. Television at its finest.

I’m also totally secure in admitting that “Bananas in Pyjamas” bed sheets were at the top of my 1995…

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Nurture Vs. Nature

Nurture over Nature. Or something like that. Its how you’re raised that makes your personality. If you were raised around a family that yells between rooms to talk to each other, you’ll probably get into the habit of doing that in your life, in your own home once you’ve left your family.

Well. I believe the same thing about animals. Pits to be exact. They are harshly judged, born killers, right? Wrong.

I was at WalMart Sunday, and in line behind me and my folks was a mom and her kids, with a new pit pup in her arms. About 4 weeks old she said. I thought he was adorable. And then I heard a comment ” I wouldn’t get one unless they were mixed” Though this led to a different conversation, I thought to myself. You really believe it, don’t you? You believe they are born to want to kill and want to bite. No, if they are aggressive, get them fixed, or fix them before they get aggressive. And teach it to cuddle and kiss and not jump or bite.

I do not believe they bite because they are a pit, I believe they wouldn’t have been created, wouldn’t be on Earth if they were born to be evil.

Nurture your pup, love them, show them how to love, and not how to harm. I believe it’ll work. But, that’s just me. I believe in them, I believe in being born good. Its how you’re raised, that makes you who you are. Not what you are.

Tips For Being A Healthy Couple

I quite like this, makes me appreciate whom I’ve got. Grateful he happens to mesh so well in my life, that he found me when I thought I was about to fall to pieces. That with him life is easier, better, and I’m simply happier. I love him, and I look forward to our future.
I very much appreciate the confirmation that we’re going in the right direction. 🙂

Thought Catalog

Mark Twain once famously quipped that he could live two months on a good compliment. Most of us, if we’re being honest, find this observation relatable on some level or another. Whether we acknowledge it or not — often women will but men won’t, because to acknowledge it is to admit weakness, vulnerability, and need, traditionally seen as feminine frailties — we all need praise from time to time. It is a basic human desire to be affirmed. Buried within the most secure psyche is a jumble of half-articulated insecurities and a sprawling welter of human needs. That’s why single people (or people in bad relationships) find themselves so often feeling lonely: “people are meant to go through life two by two,” notes Thornton Wilder in Our Town. “‘Tain’t natural to be lonesome.” To be fair, most of us don’t do kind, good, or noteworthy things in our lives for…

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Days when you can’t feel comfortable in your own skin, are the worst. When you just feel tiny, ugly, and unneeded. For me, the moments come to often, the past couple weeks I’ve felt so miserable because of my allergies, unable to laugh off a joke or joking criticism about me. I just can’t take a joke. I haven’t been able to BREATHE in 2 weeks, my allergies are quite literally drowning me, and I have no idea what to do.

I find it ironic, each day I feel more and more attraction towards my amazing guy, I feel less and less attractive to him. How could someone want to kiss someone that looks this dreadful. 😦

I grew up needing to become the woman every man should be lucky to have. I wanted a man to be proud to call me his. Yes, I do think like that, and yes, I do need the reassurance.

I’ve come to find a love in housewife chores, and getting dolled up, and staying thin. I know in today’s society we’re more accepting of each other, and that everybody weighs quite a bit more than the generation I fell in love with. But I still like the idea of being old fashioned, that the woman is to please the man.

Well, I don’t feel I can do so right now, all I’m able to think about is how horrible I look, and how much my allergies are effecting my ability to do anything, at all. I can’t be in a car with the windows down. Can’t go outside, at all. Allergy medications haven’t been working. My eyes are dry and itchy, my nose sore from the swelling and wiping with tissues. I can’t even kiss him without feeling self conscious. Each night I crawl into bed so grumpy, hoping I don’t snore and keep him up, hoping I’ll be able to breathe through my nose sometime soon, just for a little while, let me feel better. Let me just be with him without feeling so gross. I’ll never get passed a single kiss as long as I feel like I’m dying.

FUCK allergy season. I am so very looking forward to my doctors appointment tomorrow to end my misery and get back to simply being with him again, and focusing on ANYTHING else for awhile. Each day its made me feel more and more depressed, and gross. I just want to be happy again, I hate this torturous never ending cycle of allergies, tears falling because of my allergies, making me cry, and crying more because all of the symptoms worsened because I started crying. I need this to stop. Now.

March Warm Up – 15 day cleaning challenge

30 Day Challenges

spring cleaning


I started this blog in the middle of a month, so I’m going to warm up for my challenge journey by taking a 15 day challenge to start. 

It’s something I would really, really love to cultivate as a ingrained habit: regular cleaning.

What needs to change

I’m not full on hoarder on anything… but I do have clutter (mainly paper, odds and ins that lie around the house in “transition mode”, and clothing), and I do have terrible habits such as leaving things lying around, such as my dirty laundry, dishes, etc.

To make things worse I do let the actual dirt and grime itself pile up, as a I find hundreds of excuses to not clean regularly. Primarily being tired, or not seeing cleaning as a productive enough use of time.

However, that attitude needs to change, because a messy house does in fact severely impact my life. I tend to…

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Form good habits and make you happy every day

outdoor sports

Every day we do, in fact, are happy to be able to, happy life, here I will introduce several good habits can make their own:

1. Let go of your results.
The big enemy of happiness is worry, which comes from focusing on events that are outside your control. Once you’ve taken action, there’s usually nothing more you can do. Focus on the job at hand rather than some weird fantasy of what might happen.
2. Turn off “background” TV.
Many households leave their TVs on as “background noise” while they’re doing other things. The entire point of broadcast TV is to make you dissatisfied with your life so that you’ll buy more stuff. Why subliminally program yourself to be a mindless consumer?
3. End each day with gratitude.
Just before you go to bed, write down at least one wonderful thing that happened. nike air max 95 shoe It…

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Twinkies Coming Back to Stores This Summer

Though I don’t appreciate the negativity, I knew they’d be back, and I’m grateful they’ll have some of the popular products from Hostess back in stores, eventually. I don’t think I’d be so crazy as to buy a thousand when something I love leaves, but it would make me consider purchasing a few more of whatever it is thats leaving my world. And I’d hope it not expire. Some of my favorite foods have disappeared, and I’ll never get them back. I accept that. I thought Hostess was taking away all the twinkies and whatever else. I don’t like cream filled anything. But, I thought this was worth sharing for those that do love those cream filled bad boys, that so desire a twinkie. Enjoy.

B-Minus Blogs

TWINKIES TURN 71 ON APRIL 6NY Daily News – After months of restructuring, Hostess is ready to get back to churning out sweets, which means those with a sweet tooth will be able to get a Twinkie fix this summer.

“We expect to be making and selling in July,” Michael Cramer, executive vice president of Hostess Brands LLC, told NBC News. “Probably the later half of the month before the product hits the stores.”

The old Hostess company was dismantled and its assets sold off. Two hedge funds, Apollo Global & Metropoulos & Co., bought the best-known of the company’s snack brands and launched a new company, Hostess Brands LLC.

OH MY GOD! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Glad all you idiots out there ran to stores and paid a premium for Twinkies that you’d “never be able to get ever again.” Best part is, they’re coming back, will be a big thing for a month…

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Mixed emotions, and events of the day

Today has been eventful, to say the least. I broke a nail, that part means nothing, except that Adora might lose her mind looking at my hands, but when it happened, I didn’t think “Oh shit, I gotta go to the salon, I’m gonna look dreadful.” What came to mind was this, which shocked even me. “I wonder if my mom wouldn’t mind going with me, that sounds kinda nice, just going to a salon.” So, I asked her. I wanted to see my mom again. Maybe my anger has finally been lifted? Or maybe I’m starting to feel better in my own life? Doesn’t matter, its a big step to want her back in my life. I have needed her a few times in the past month, and I’ve asked her to help me, and she did. She went a little over the top to show she cares, but I made sure she didn’t go crazy when she didn’t need to. I can still handle my own, I’ve finally realized how to say no to spending unnecessary money. That felt good, no, please don’t buy me that. I don’t need it, I’ve got these. And my sister confided in me, that they have noticed a change in my person. Since I’ve met Aaron, which means only a recent change they’ve noticed. But, they noticed, I’m growing up. I’m making smarter decisions. I still allow my immaturity to slip at appropriate times, saying totally at work, is not the right time. Haha. So, a firm grip at a relationship with my mother. One day, we’ll be okay. I’ll want to tell her more, I’ll want her to meet Aaron, I’ll want her to go dress shopping with me. One day. Maybe sooner.

Of all days, the day I decide to lift the grudge I’ve been holding entirely, the day I ask to hang out with my mom, the rest of my world kinda got messy.

I’ll be clearing out of my place a bit, and inviting my friend to live there since I’m not using it, it’ll be closer to work and she can help me with Chase. It’ll be good, I won’t be smoking alone there anymore. I’ll have a reason to want to keep the place. I’ll get back to seeing her more often. Gonna be dope since I don’t have to crowd her, it’ll mostly be her pad, with my shit and posters scattered amongst the place…….. We’ll figure it out. Haha. Looks like I’ve got some cleaning to do, at my place and at Aarons so I can move some of my stuff out of her way. We’ll get a system down.

And Aarons world is being tossed around a bit, so everyone’s day just seems to be going…. wonderful. Just fucking wonderful. Absolutely each event has a plus side. But each event is so very devastating.

We will all be okay, today may suck, but tomorrow is another day. We can start over, start fresh, start clean. We can do this. We will figure it all out, and take the next step into our futures. What each event will come out to, I’m unaware, but I’m hoping its all for the best. That my girl will grow and she’ll be the amazing woman, the amazing adult her mother believed she wasn’t. My guy will figure it out, all that he needs to, help his back, his coworkers and his way of life. For me, that I can let go of my anger and resentment, and welcome a good relationship with my mother, and fix my damn nails.

I wish I believed in God

Days like today, I wish I could ask for those around me to pray for my friend. But, I don’t believe in praying. I don’t believe in God. She is being tested, forced into adulthood, by a woman that claims to be religious. You can not be so cold hearted, and say you believe in god. You can not inflict pain and suffering on someone you call your daughter, and say you believe in god. If you believe in god, I hope he punishes you for this. You do not deserve her as your daughter. She is an amazing woman, and she will do well in life. She is in school, and working, because you told her the only way to stay under your roof is to do both, full time. Fuck you, first of all. I have hated you a long time. You are a crazed, bat shit, anger filled, frustrating woman. Fuck your idea of a lesson. She deserves better than you as a mother. You are a cunt.

I wish I believed in god, then I’d believe in a heaven and hell, and I’d hope you rot in hell. For now, I hope it seeps into you conscious, and makes you regret being the terrible human being that you are.

I believe any woman capable of doing what you’ve done, should only feel regret til the day they die. You will NEVER enjoy an achievement of hers, you should NOT be called grandmother by any of her future babies. You have NO right to her life, if you refuse to respect her.

I’m glad I don’t believe in god, I get to say this, and feel no regret or shame.

Fuck you, Cruella!