I thought it was ironic. Since I had to walk to work this morning.
I usually use public transportation to get to work. I don’t like walking 20 blocks and my bike needs both a new front tire and new grips before I can use it for commuting. Plus. I was too lazy to just take the bike this morning.
I walked to Lightrail, and it’s down today. Going everywhere. Some accident had happened and it stopped all trains from going anywhere, making them not even remotely on time.
So, I walked. An extra 2 blocks since I back track for the train. I always make it to work on time. But not having a car even when I live so close gets unnerving. Every errand I do takes longer. If I have multiple groceries to buy. I have to take 2 grocery trips in a day. Or carry 20 bags 4 blocks like I’ve done before. Which I’ll say now, is not fun.
I want a car. I miss driving as much as I miss being able to take care of myself. I’m just glad I have a washer and dryer at my complex so I no longer have to walk or take lightrail to my laundromat. That was the biggest bitch of them all.
Cars are preferred in this day. We do too much, and we go too far.

Thought Catalog

Like many people who live in big cities, I don’t own a car. I also don’t own a bike (even though I am strongly considering getting one this summer). I am a public transportation user but when I can, I walk where I need to go. Apart from my undiagnosed driving anxiety and my fear of biking in a city which was exacerbated by the movie One Day (spoiler alert), I have always preferred walking. Walking allows me to observe the world and for that, I appreciate it. Yet when you live in a city, there are inevitable frustrations that come with being a pedestrian. Hew are a few:

1. Drivers

Driving in a city can be rough. I actually take my hat off to those who do it on a daily basis. But there is also a certain segment of the driving population who have made a unanimous decision to be…

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