A time to GO OFF!

I will not be that kind of woman. I have no right to your belongings. I don’t understand the women that believe they need to destroy a man to be happy with their own lives.

My coworker has been married to his wife a few years, and she’s always giving him problems. ALWAYS. They got a new house, a new car after a recent car accident, things seemed to be getting nicer. At least on the outside. As they start painting and fixing the new place. She loses her shit on him. Apparently multiple times. I’ve only met her once, and I thought she was a cunt. I let it go, because she was the “Mrs”, I had no previous reason to despise her. But one interaction and I knew I’d never like her. He keeps bringing up random facts. He should’ve seen the red flags.

She’d never been in a relationship longer than 6 months previously. So, thats why she isn’t doing well now. She’s bat shit.

They’ve split, and he has a good job. He gets a yearly pay check bonus thing, I’m not sure. Thats not my business. His money. She’s arguing to take half of it after she put all his stuff out of both the houses. Leaving him to nothing. She’s a cunt, remember this.

Well, I don’t think its fair. And I am a woman. She’s just insane. Why can’t she grasp that isn’t her money. I’m curious if she works or has just been leeching off the men she finds.


I vow to never be a RAGING CUNT. I do not steal. I do not believe in stealing. It is in fact stealing ESPECIALLY if you are already “Separated”

Just because they are technically still “Married” under law. But its bullshit that she believes she has that right. She lost her right to touch anything of his, his finances, or his belongings once she asked to sleep in separate places. Not just separate beds or separate rooms. When you are not under the same roof. When you don’t want to be around that person. You don’t touch there stuff. ESPECIALLY not their money.


So. That’s been bugging me for a few weeks, but this new money issue just set me off. Not my business, I know. But. I’m kinda nosey, what can I say.


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