Suppression or Freedom

I don’t wanna hear it, just shove it, okay?

Thats how I feel about a lot of issues, gay marriage, gun control, religion. I want to tell everyone to shove it.

It was because of a post I just read. A photo. You have the right to share your opinions, and I have a right to share mine.

No. We shouldn’t have the right to other people’s lives, ever. No one should tell me gay marriage means anything, it means nothing to me. We should let them marry whomever. Its none of our business. Them being married should not affect your job, your stability, your sanity unless you were previously fucking insane. If that man wants to own a gun, he can. I may not want to step foot into his home or trust my kin to, but I am not him. I did not make that choice.

I believe there is a time to speak up, and a time to shove it. And that not a single person on this planet understands the line between them. Its too vague. We are each too different. And we still teach our kids the way we each were taught. So. We will always be too different. But I believe suppression of speech may be the better route than freedom. As far as several topics.

Those not religious, don’t want religious beliefs thrown at them. Those gay don’t want hatred towards them.

I am not religious, but I know religion is at fault for every problem on the fucking planet. Someone was all mighty and forced views upon others. There are people killing because of whatever religion they follow. Many religions are simply dreadful and others are cult like and are worse. I do not believe in religion, I believe in values, and I believe in music.

Why can’t we choose what we want to know about. Why must we have others constantly inform us of all the things in life we should find out for ourselves.

Take initiative and learn about different religions before following one or giving your life away.

Abortion is your choice, its okay that you are scared and unable to handle delivery or 9 months of torture.


I will never stand up for my beliefs and go to a rally or stand in front of any place people are free to be at.

I saw a video once. A couple went to deliver their still child at an abortion clinic or whatever. The protesters assumed they just didn’t want their baby, that they were simply being selfish.(Which is still okay, its still YOUR choice to keep your private parts without mass rips and scars. Your tummy clean without the child you wouldn’t be able to care for.)
Anyways, the protesters assumed wrong. The woman went in crying, because she did in fact want that child, had already fallen in love with them. But knew the baby could never make it, never had a chance at survival. She went under for her procedure. The husband went outside.

He recorded the entire event. I will HAVE to reblog it if I haven’t already.

He told them about who he was, why they were there. They tried to ignore him and give him bullshit replies about it. Trying to stand for what they “believed” in. But they told a woman she was going to hell for delivering her still born child. Yes. That is what those women believed in. Torturing young women into guilt and shame. No one should be made to feel awful about a choice they made, especially when clearly the right one.

Fuck those protesters. They were wretched, and cold hearted. And no one deserved what they dosed out.


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