I was a cat lady until yesterday. Many cats have passed through my life, my home and my heart. I’ve come to adore or come to love them all. Not the greatest idea, but I’ve stayed strong through it as well. I didn’t do well last night after giving up Ferris the second and Boo. But I’m much better today.


I have named 2 kittens “Ferris.” They were both girls, and they were both absolutely amazing kittens. But they are happy with new families now. Or at least I REALLY have to hope they are, since I will never see or hear about them again.

I love the name Ferris. I love Ferris Buellers Day Off, its my absolute favorite movie on the planet. I prefer Ferris to Sloan. And I’d still like to have a Ferris in my life.

This past Christmas, I went shopping with my dad, still unable to hear at all out of my left and only okay in my right. We were in line when I heard the woman in front of me call for her oldest child, a daughter of like 16 or 17. I heard her call Ferris. And though it was Farrah or Sarah or something completely different. I heard Ferris and started to think about it the rest of the day. I just let it sink in. I liked hearing that, and it was a girl. I may want to name my child Ferris. A spunky stud named Ferris or my ironically named Princess Ferris. I’ll have to think about it a lot more. But Ferris somehow shall be in my life. I will have my own Ferris. Too bad I can’t rename Chasie Poop. She likes to chase things too much, and then cuddle even more. Thats not a great name for her. I guess I’ll just wait and see.


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