Tattoo Design Ideas, part three

I adore almost every tattoo in the slide. I’ve been craving my next tattoo. Still unsure of which I’d like to get. Which I’d like to actually pay the right price for. I’m not sure if It’ll be a tattoo or piercing next. But either way. I’m getting something soon. 🙂 Probably my next Portland trip, even. 😀

Cruel Daze of Summer

Hello fellow bloggers! 🙂 Here is my next portion of tattoo design ideas. By now you’ve probably noticed that I’m into specific designs such as birds, skulls, flowers, abstract and watercolor art. Oh, and a lot of bold colours splashed around 😀 Have a look and maybe get inspired for some art of your own 🙂 I would have to give props to the artists, who have designed and executed these tattoos because they are amazing, spellbinding even! Kudos!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to these illustrations and the work done on them. They are solely owned by the people who have designed them. I am simply using them as a different take on some traditional or popular tattoo objects.

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