My heart beats like a drum

“Hello. Here I am. And here we go, life’s waiting to begin.” – The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves.

I had my first jam session this weekend with Aaron and his roommate. We had been drinking. A lot.
I just wanted to listen and hang out while they played. I was asked to simply play the tambourine. I was nervous even to do that. It was awful for me. I felt like I was off beat the whole time. Concentrating as much as the booze would let me.
I did well. They both stopped to inform me that they appreciated what I was doing. I was staying on beat. Only the beat in my head. Was not following them when they would speed up or slow down for a quick second. Booze does that. Nerves does that. Too much time away does it.
I’ve never touched a tambourine before then. Not besides to look at. Never felt the urge to shake or hop in on a song.
I tried to go with the song. What amount of tambourine does it need. Haha.

Anyways. It made me realize how well I do keep beat since I dance, and feel off beat sometimes even then.
I can hold a beat just fine. I’m thankful for that gene. 🙂

I had never dreamed of being in a band or playing on a stage in front of people. But I have ALWAYS wanted to play the drums.
Well. I look forward to owning a set of my own, and learning how to play. Just so I have the ability to play. I can keep a beat. And I love the sound of a drum beat. I’ll have loads of fun jam sessions once I get the set of my dreams. 🙂

I recommend you think about your own life goals.
What do you want to do before you die?
What’s on your bucket list?
I’ve got to start mine. Need to start writing it down. Get a list together of realistic goals that are possible to achieve. Some day. 


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