A Letter to my Pre Pregnancy Self

I am a big baby about pain, and I’m aware I’d like to try and give birth naturally, I won’t be able to do it. I won’t be able to stand the pain, I will have any and all medications, and I’m thankful not every woman, not every hippy determined to give birth naturally can admit to wanting the help. Needing the help. My best friend wants a natural birth, potentially even water birth, with only marijuana as her pain and stress reliever. I’ll see whether or not she changes her mind, but I know I’ll be wanting/ needing that extra help. I look forward to finding out I’m pregnant, I look forward to one day trying. I look forward to sharing my own experience.

The Pearsons 4

Dear Pre Pregnant Sarah,

There are so, so many things that you are anticipating, counting on and sure of when it comes to getting pregnant with your sweet boy, bringing him into the world, and raising him afterwards.

First, I wish I could tell you how even though you are a hippy at heart, and you swore up and down that you would not cave to the medications given during child birth, especially the epidural, that it is OKto cave.  It is ok to accept the T3’s that they offered you, this does’t make you a failure.  It is ok to accept the epidural, this does not make you a terrible mother because you can’t feel every single pinch, push, strain or contraction of your child coming into the world.  You stuck it out as long as you could without the epidural, but between the contractions and the reaction to the morphine…

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