Friendships Lost

Since men don’t stress over the people in their lives, at least not the ones that leave. I have to vent here.

I’ve had many friends leave for months, go off with other friends and forget about me for awhile. And thats okay. We all do it, eventually. It’ll happen, eventually. Its inevitable. We get to fall in love with our best friend, soul mate, better half, partner and they remain in our life forever. And then we have the other friends, the ones we don’t live with, sleep with, or see every day. We don’t get to keep many, they slim out as the years go on, as you get closer and closer with your other half.

Yesterday a once great friend of mine decided I wasn’t worth keeping around. That she was ready to have other friends or move on from my friendship.

I know in the future there will be less time for my friends, that as an adult I’ll want to be with Aaron more and more, that I’ll want to think of him before myself, that he will come before Ana one day. That I’ll want his love and affection the most, that I’ll only want to see my friends on a more rare occasion. Like once a week I’ll want to see my other friends, and spend several hours out and about enjoying our time together, our bonding, our shopping, and our giggles. It’ll get down to maybe once a month once I have a child.

I am prepared for whats to come in the future. I want to be the wife and mother first, and be Rachel other occasions, bring my bubbly personality back to life each time I see my best friends growing as well.


I have lost a good friend, she was once my best friend. She once kept me sane, she has called at the perfect time, many occasions. She has saved me from myself, and I will miss who we once were. The good times we had, the deep conversations I never had with anyone else. The reminder that it gets better. Goodbye Brooke. I hope you have a better life without me in it. I hope you can find friends that support you more, understand you better, love you unconditionally, and do not judge you for the choices you make. I wish you the best.


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