My Bucket List

When I think about a bucket list, I think what is it I want to do, see, experience before I die. What all is out there? Can you ever have it all on just one list? How many add on’s are there when you make your list? Will you let your fear stop you from doing some of them?

That’s what I’ve been thinking about since I decided to make a bucket list, if it was worth making, possible to achieve, or if I would add on for the rest of my life.

I’d like to make it pretty basic, but I doubt it.


1. Zero Gravity

I want to go to Dallas Texas and try all 5 of the most EXTREME rides in the US. I’ve wanted to go since I saw the park show on the most extreme rides in the United States. I’ve always loved roller coasters and rides with the most thrills. Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is my current favorite ride, Medusa was before that. I love drops. I love to scream. I’d love a day at Zero Gravity.

2. Try out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

This one is the most likely to not happen. But, I still dream about it all the time. I’ve wanted to fly out and spend a few weeks to a few years out there for quite a few years now. DCC 1 2 3. I saw the women try out, all 500 of them. Bringing it down to 100, to bring it down to 30, then 15.

Such slim pickings. But I want to be one of those women. I love dancing, I finally have the body to try. But I now have a new time for another of my goals. My most important goal. So, if I can’t keep my body, I can’t try out.

3. Buy my first car

Its simple, but I LOVE driving. I may also be getting my first car this week, but I won’t able to drive it til its fixed up, and I learn how to drive stick.

I’ve missed driving too much to wait any longer. I want my first car now, I’m gonna need one soon, anyways. 😛

4. New Years done right

I’m going to enjoy ONE new years where I get my dream New Years Eve. In Times Square.

I will spend whatever it takes, and I don’t care if its this next new years, or one 20 years from now. I will go to NY and I will enjoy freezing my ass off, finding parties, watching the ball drop. Freezing the rest of me, and I don’t care if its my hubby, my best friend, or with strangers. I’m going to do it, and I’m going to enjoy myself.

5. Speak French with someone

I’d love to travel to some far away land where they mostly speak french, the most romantic language. Oh, how I’d love to know more and be able to hold a conversation with someone for at least a few minutes. Or to sing and understand a french song. I wouldn’t mind staying here and simply talking with someone learning french themselves. I want to know more. I learned some in HS, and I still love any reason to use any of the words and phrases I still remember. Its such a beautiful language, I just cannot get enough of it.


6. Design ONE dress, bringing it into reality

I grew up always wanting to do something with fashion, I love an excuse to get dolled up, I even secretly love Sex and the City. I want to have a walk in closet for all the shoes I want to be able to own and display for my picking. I have made many designs, I drew my wedding dress when I was 13, I’ve drawn an entirely different one since, but I still appreciate the idea I once had, I just had to change the style to accommodate for my newest tattoo. I know what I want, and I’d like to find a way to make my own dress, bring my design into reality.

7. Motherhood

Lastly, I will experience motherhood. I will carry my child for 9 months, feel them kick, feel them flutter. I will watch them grow, watch them come into their personality, guide and not judge. I will see who they are, and I will love them unconditionally. I will never want anything but the best for them, I will wish them good health and happiness. I will have my child. I will be a mother.


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