Dreams, Marijuana, and Ana.

Its your unconscious telling you what you need, what you want, who you miss, how you’re doing, tells you your problems.

Its honestly been SO long since I remembered any dreams, only my nightmares. I had stopped having regular dreams once I graduated high school I’d say. Having nightmares on and off or simply not remembering my dreams ever since. I got tired of waking up feeling miserable or actually crying. Even if I couldn’t remember it, sometimes I woke with tears and a bad feeling inside. I hated it. So, I turned to marijuana, each night I’d have a bowl or two to myself. For the past 2 years I have had a bowl before bed, just about every single night. At least one. And then I don’t have nightmares as often, I don’t have dreams, but I at least don’t have nightmares.

Last night, I actually went to bed after multiple, multiple bowls. I had then fallen asleep on my guy, so I was comfy, cozy, and quite happy, as well as baked.

I had a dream about Ana. I hadn’t realized how much I miss her, I dreamt of when I finally get up there, I dreamt of the day I drive me and Aaron up to Portland. I pulled up to a house, barely parking, and I ran to her. We ran to each other and I remember sobbing from excitement. I love my best friend, and I miss her dearly. I hadn’t quite realized how much I truly missed her though. I don’t remember anything else, just that I ran to her, and the second we brought each other in for a hug, I got all teary eyed. Then it was over.

When I woke up this morning, I simply felt good. I cannot say the same for my guy, and so immediately I was worried about him, and had forgotten about my dream. I don’t know what triggered my memory to come back, but I’m glad I got to remember this dream. I cannot wait til I get to see my best friend again, whenever that is. I love you Anastasia!


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