A choice you shouldn’t consider

A choice you shouldn't consider

I saw this hit my news feed on Facebook, I thought it was worth sharing. Cheating frequently comes up in conversation. Its always your choice, no one has the ability to make you cheat. Its a choice you made that I hope you regret for the rest of your life. I hadn’t realized how many people I know that have had to deal with cheating, I was accused even though its 100% against my morals, the way I was raised. Fuck, I never even had the balls to cheat on a test in any manner. Yes, I get to honestly say. I was a goody 2 shoes. And I definitely still feel when I do wrong, I have been given the gut that will always tell me when something I am doing is wrong. I see the line, I can feel it.
I am above cheating. A choice I’ll never make. I will not be known as a cheater.


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