Monday, Monday. They always come to soon, I cannot bury the weekend away and feel rejuvenated. I am so tired. Plain and simple.

This weekend was awesome, don’t get me wrong, but a fun filled weekend out under the sun, makes you really tired at the end of the day. I had only a thousand things to do this weekend, about half was done, the important stuff.

I ran the Electric Run after a long day of smoking, and baking. I ran the 5k, quite literally RAN the 5k. Might I add, I did no training whatsoever. I don’t know how I did that, in 18 minutes I finished. That can’t have been mapped out correctly, that’s disappointing. I was SHOCKED when I saw ‘Finish’
I was thinking to myself, “You’re kidding, right?”

I thought I’d catch my sister at some point, we were together at the beginning, we took off, but I jumped and dropped my sunglasses, I reached to grab them, but they had already taken off and being after sundown, I didn’t see anything but the glow in the dark accessories of those around me running past. She was gone.

So, I ran.Attempted to catch up, continued to run. Kept running, had my music turned on instead of listening to whatever they played. Metric, the album Synthetica played while I ran. I had the best of the songs from the album playing. The Void, Wanderlust, Artificial Nocturne, Speed the Collapse. Some good stuff. 🙂 Kept me running to the beat of the song. I just continued, my music and the energy keeping me going.

Before we started, I was so baked, and so tired. I just wanted a shot of espresso and some water for my very dry mouth. WHY WASN’T THERE WATER!?!?!

But I continued running anyways, I had already started, what? Was I gonna slow down and have them wait for me at the other end. I wasn’t in the mood to do it and have fun, why not allow myself to at least work my body til I’m REALLY too tired to run or do anything. So, I pushed myself, and continued to keep on. I did well, and I finished, grabbed a granola bar and water, and waited.

10 minutes passed before my mom arrived, she had assumed when I dropped my glasses I just ran to the finish and waited for them. No, I ran the bitch. I was still cooling off myself, thankful I don’t get too sweaty, it was starting to get cold when the race had started… Thankful to be warm and waiting for them.

Had ‘In N Out’ afterwords, and home to crash. For there was to be a wedding the following morning.


Lisa and Robert Swensen, may they be live happy and remain so very in love. They are very much meant to be together, and they looked so beautiful. An all day event for me, shopping, lunch, starbucks, old shoes, new dresses, learning how to iron. That’s all BEFORE the wedding. Then, set up, lots of ice, an hour and some dressing up the bride, short scattered ceremony (which I missed out on most of), but I got to see some, and I was in fact there, and I did the music instead of watching. I felt of importance in the small role I played. I felt wanted, needed, it was beautiful. I love helping. 🙂

She looked gorgeous, as I knew she would. I had seen her in her dress,  but not like that, not dolled up and waiting for Robert. I’m so grateful to have gone and helped out, I should’ve made a toast, but, I felt less important when it came time, even though one was flooding.

To the happy couple:

“I have known you both quite a few years, actually, I’ve been good friends with Lisa many years, I’ve seen her grow and mature, not as much as I wish I had been there, but that’s in the past. I have  seen the changes you’ve made since you met him, since you’ve brought your child into this world. You two were very much meant to be, you guys fit so very well together, I could  not ask for a better person in your life Lisa, he keeps you sane and calm when your world seems crazy. He is the mellow to your crazy. You guys deserve happiness and love. I wish you guys the very best, and a happy ever after. “

So, my weekend has been fun filled and some crazy tossed in. I am oh so tired, and so very thankful I asked for tomorrow off so I can enjoy some of my day after one of my very last Orthodontist appointments, may these braces soon come OFF.


Oh, and Aaron looked dashing.. Absolutely stunning all dressed up, I can only look forward to seeing more of it, like maybe our Big day.


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