Do you remember?

I really, really like this. Its simply beautiful, absolutely worth sharing.
Its nice to remember memories long since passed, to remember those we love, those we have loved, and hold onto the memories we hold dear in our hearts.

My best friend has moved to another state, I do not get to see her as much anymore, maybe once every couple of months if I’m lucky. Each day I walk home from work, I can walk a path I once walked with her. I hear her laugh once more, and her word of advice on anything and everything I very clearly wanted her help with. I was lost til I found her. She is my best friend, and I love remembering every amazing moment we have had together. Every night on the town, every long drive, every smoke session, every roof. I hold it all close til I see you next, til our next great memory. 😀

Ramblings of a Cluttered Mind

Do you remember that dream that you told me?
It must have been that last time we met
You just seemed so excited to see me
Wanted to make sure I did not forget

It struck me hard at the time
But somewhere it got lost

Do you remember those stories you always told?
It must have been more than once a year
All of us just gathered around you close
So eager and young and happy to hear

They always made their mark
But somewhere it got lost

Do you remember what you would say to me?
Soft words of correction or direction
Pointing me toward the right path
Even though I had my own intentions

It wasn’t that I didn’t listen
But somewhere it got lost

I don’t think I’ll ever really forget
Just need to be reminded sometimes
Of how things used to be back then

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