I wish I believed in God

Days like today, I wish I could ask for those around me to pray for my friend. But, I don’t believe in praying. I don’t believe in God. She is being tested, forced into adulthood, by a woman that claims to be religious. You can not be so cold hearted, and say you believe in god. You can not inflict pain and suffering on someone you call your daughter, and say you believe in god. If you believe in god, I hope he punishes you for this. You do not deserve her as your daughter. She is an amazing woman, and she will do well in life. She is in school, and working, because you told her the only way to stay under your roof is to do both, full time. Fuck you, first of all. I have hated you a long time. You are a crazed, bat shit, anger filled, frustrating woman. Fuck your idea of a lesson. She deserves better than you as a mother. You are a cunt.

I wish I believed in god, then I’d believe in a heaven and hell, and I’d hope you rot in hell. For now, I hope it seeps into you conscious, and makes you regret being the terrible human being that you are.

I believe any woman capable of doing what you’ve done, should only feel regret til the day they die. You will NEVER enjoy an achievement of hers, you should NOT be called grandmother by any of her future babies. You have NO right to her life, if you refuse to respect her.

I’m glad I don’t believe in god, I get to say this, and feel no regret or shame.

Fuck you, Cruella!


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