Nurture Vs. Nature

Nurture over Nature. Or something like that. Its how you’re raised that makes your personality. If you were raised around a family that yells between rooms to talk to each other, you’ll probably get into the habit of doing that in your life, in your own home once you’ve left your family.

Well. I believe the same thing about animals. Pits to be exact. They are harshly judged, born killers, right? Wrong.

I was at WalMart Sunday, and in line behind me and my folks was a mom and her kids, with a new pit pup in her arms. About 4 weeks old she said. I thought he was adorable. And then I heard a comment ” I wouldn’t get one unless they were mixed” Though this led to a different conversation, I thought to myself. You really believe it, don’t you? You believe they are born to want to kill and want to bite. No, if they are aggressive, get them fixed, or fix them before they get aggressive. And teach it to cuddle and kiss and not jump or bite.

I do not believe they bite because they are a pit, I believe they wouldn’t have been created, wouldn’t be on Earth if they were born to be evil.

Nurture your pup, love them, show them how to love, and not how to harm. I believe it’ll work. But, that’s just me. I believe in them, I believe in being born good. Its how you’re raised, that makes you who you are. Not what you are.


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