I Will Never Give Up On You, Diet Soda

Diet Pepsi fiend right here, been drinking it since the age of 7. Younger if you include the stolen sips from my mothers can when I wasn’t allowed to touch the stuff. She got me into my WORST habit. Diet Pepsi was every drink. I’d drink water, occasionally. Maybe some juice, maybe. But mostly, it was Diet. This is the month I give it up, I used that reasoning, I knew about the downsides. I also say we’re all gonna die eventually, everything causes cancer. This is still a true statement, but I no longer want to die for a beverage, and because of my new more important goals in life. I’d like to ween off of caffeine all together, at least for the next couple years, I’ll go back once I’m not breast feeding, at least, I’ll go back to caffeine. As of yesterday, I will NEVER have a Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, DIET ANYTHING ever again. I will have juice, water, milk, coffee, or sadly tea. I will do it for me, I will do it for our baby, and I’m doing it for my wallet.
I AM giving it up. I will be healthy for my baby.

Thought Catalog

Aspartic acid. Sodium. Potassium Benzoate. Citric acid. Phosphoric Acid. Phenylalanine. What does that sound like to you? Nuclear waste? The contents of a dead man’s stomach? A reliably delicious recipe for Crystal Meth? No, they’re none of those things. Actually, they might be all of those things, but if you add water and a splash of caramel color they quickly become… Diet Coke. Sweet Sweet Diet Coke. The nectar of the Gods, as long as the Gods are watching their figure and don’t mind a vaguely metallic aftertaste. Diet soda is the greatest invention in our history, because what other creation took such disparate ingredients and turned them into such sweet majesty? The cotton gin? The steam engine? Airplanes? Perhaps, but what would any of those things be without a delightful Fresca to sip while you’re using ‘em? Ever tried ginning cotton without a calorie-free grapefruit tonic in your hands?…

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