Jenna, you are hilarious, and awesome

I like to keep busy at work, and so I watch a lot of stuff on youtube. Its better than my craigslist addiction I was starting to form. I prefer watching silly videos and a lot of Bewitched. Anyways, I stumbled across this woman. And in most of her videos she’s really silly and likes to act like a twat. Its awesome, she doesn’t give a fuck.

So, I started watching more of her videos, til I came across this one. She got more serious for it, and tried to avoid politics as much as possible.

Before seeing this, I had thought about marriage a little, and a wedding, however I do it. And she’s right, I’m guilty of the typical woman. I think about weddings as the big day I get to wear a fancy dress, it means I get to show off whatever ring I’ll have. I wanted the glamour of it, not the passion.

I’m thankful for this. Its opened my eyes to a different view of marriage.
Its a partnership, and I feel its a stronger bond, a stronger commitment to one another. But, she’s right, if you can’t afford it, you don’t need to. I never thought my parents were gonna help, and I don’t plan on asking them. Up until recently I hadn’t even thought I was going to tell them.

What if we did just wait? And we had our babies, our home, our cars, our jobs,our lives, then decided after saving, we could tie the knot.

We may never have to, its just expected to. Its expected to get married THEN have babies, which until this video, I thought I was going to mandate it.

Unless its about taxes, about health insurance, about getting a shared bank account. Whatever. Could be anything reasonable.

Anyways, I think she’s right, and none of us need to rush into it. Especially those unsure they’re to be with them FOREVER.

I don’t have any doubts, though he seems to, maybe marriage isn’t needed now, before our baby. I don’t need to think we have to get married before I have his child. I know I love him, and I know I want to have all of his babies and I’m even pretty positive I DO want to be with him for the rest of my life. But maybe we don’t need to get married before I even turn 25. We could wait, I may change my mind and want the title of his wife, HIS housewife, fully claimed.

We can think about it later.
This video was awesome though. 🙂


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