How Losing A Job Is Like Getting Dumped

Thought Catalog

At first, you accept it. You wish your now ex-boss all the best. You say that you’ve enjoyed your time there. You attempt to finish the day like nothing happened.

Then it starts to sink in. You can no longer sit with a knot in your stomach and fighting back tears. What even happened? The meeting is a blur. You leave and get drunk even though you’re alone and it’s the middle of the day. You’re too embarrassed to tell anyone. First you call your best friend, who offers to come and drink with you. Next you call your parents. Your mom says the company didn’t deserve someone as special and gifted as you, which only makes you sadder.

You return to collect your belongings. On the way out you take things you’ll never use like legal pads and industrial-size toilet paper. That makes you feel better.

Your friends take…

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