High School Mentality

After graduating HS we all noticed the changes, we’re growing, maturing, getting our first jobs, first loves, first chances at freedom and beginning adulthood.

What happens to those that don’t? Those that stay in their parents homes and don’t want independence desperately?

I’ve wanted to be an adult since I got into HS, it sucked, it always sucked. I noticed girls tripping over stupid shit all the time, starting drama to amuse themselves, and blowing everything out of proportion. EVERYTHING was dramatic and everyone’s business. Not a group I liked to be a part of, I decided to hang out with my lightweight geekster friends. Chess club, Tea Club, or simply hanging out with a teacher. Thats what we did, I was not super smart, I loved fashion and keeping slim, following the crowd, following the fads. But, I never liked girls crying all the time, me included, or guys making fun of others, or acting immature and stupid and doing absolutely idiotic things.

Why does this all come to mind? I have a friend, whom I love. I do. But every single person she associates with is stuck in HS, including her boo. He seems to be mature more than half the time, but even he has his moments. She does too.

I’ve hung out with them a few times, seen if they had friends that had changed. But, I guess you can’t reach the level of maturity while living with your folks, hanging out at Einstein Park. I hate that park, SO MUCH. Nothing has EVER gone well there. A young girl was murdered there, I’ve lost many friends there, ditched many times and ended up there, I do not associate with this park as being a pleasant one. I only see drama and death. Thats unappealing and morbid.

As much as I love her, and want the best for her. Does that mean I can’t have her around? All of her friends will be in her life, or on her phone. And though I listen to all she has to say about her “friends” I still can’t help but ponder, why the fuck do you hang out with these people? You’re actually better than them, or so I thought..

You like to keep those around that dig into your business, and constantly share it, constantly create drama for you and another “friend” of yours. Or the fact that I saw that Lauren was gonna stab you in the back again after that first incident. Why remain fr-enemies? Thats asking for drama if you don’t HAVE to be around her… Oh, and then she did it again? Thats right, thats what you’ll get with keeping them around.

I’ve had to make that choice, and leave friends behind. Please don’t be one of them, please grow and see that its a terrible idea. Sure, they are fun and generally kind of good people. But dude, that guy doesn’t give a fuck about his gf, speeds cuz he feels like it at a park, and ignored the shit out of us after inviting us to join them at Paradise. Fun day we had sitting around listening to them rant then go off angry and starting MORE drama.

I don’t like drama, I create just enough to drive myself crazy. Thats why I vent, and I don’t start shit. I don’t bash on FB, I don’t like to use names if it could come off as bashing in my blog.


You view the world differently as a responsible adult, and there is a MAJOR difference between a responsible adult and an irresponsible wanna be adult that lives on their own and refuses to put bills, food, and savings before the brand new wheels or new bong or that car that was handed to you by your parents.

I can see that you are very close my friend, I see the responsible adult you’ll become, but you still bash and start drama yourself, and you succumb to the drama that others start that you also, should have nothing to do with. I hope you get there soon, I want to keep you in my life when I move in with Aaron, I want to help you grow as much as I can. But, maybe I’m just being too nice? And you need to find yourself, and stand on your own 2 feet. And stop asking for help. Sometimes you don’t need it, truly. You can do it alone.


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