I’ve recently had my first “scare” in which I did not stop smoking marijuana, because I’ve done quite a lot of research ever since I met Aaron, I wanted to know, and wanted to be able to prove my findings.

I’m great friends with a new momma whom doesn’t agree with my choice to use marijuana throughout my pregnancy when I do get pregnant. This is for her, if she chooses to read on.


Here I have a couple of links, one from a site I was introduced to in HS when I was first learning the wonders of pregnancy. I generally trust what they have to say, but not this time. I enjoyed the comments and reviews quite a bit more.

Marijuana has never proved to be lethal or harmful. Doctors don’t care, they don’t trust your judgement, all drugs are bad, do not do them.

I do not agree about marijuana being a harmful drug to you or your unborn child.

Marijuana is not a drug. I do not consider it a drug. It helps me sleep, it helps my tummy aches, and helps my nausea, it helps the back pain I get from carrying all the stress in my shoulders and lower back. Marijuana relaxes me, and doesn’t allow me to stress on unnecessary stuff. I do not plan to smoke blunts or joints for they are tobacco, I do not plan on smoking all the fucking time, because I do like to be sober and enjoy the sunshine and enjoy focusing at work.

I won’t drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or use any harmful drugs.

I’ve been wrongfully accused of being selfish, that its just because I want to smoke that I’m going to, yes, probably in part, which I could be considered guilty. But I have enough stomach problems without morning sickness to guarantee I won’t want to eat that day. I’d like to be able to smoke or eat an edible so I can actually eat what I want, when I want, so my baby will be healthy and possibly chunky inside.

The other site, a wordpress site actually, claims no harm unless the mother to be is being a dumbass and drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. BOTH OF WHICH PROVE TO BE DEADLY.

Do not judge me because I smoke a plant, a natural plant that grows in the dirt. The meat that you eat every single day is less natural than what I go home to smoke in the evenings. Just so you’re aware. I am also an aspiring vegetarian, I very rarely eat meat, its not always necessary, and it tastes entirely foul to me.

“Back to the “doped up” comment in regards to mainstream pharmaceuticals……I, too do not take “regular” meds. That includes Advil, Tylenol, etc. When I was pregnant. I was prescribed pills to help control my sickness. I asked if there are side effects or if it could harm my baby. The Doctors and Nurses response…”Of course there could be side effects. There is a chance that this could harm your baby.” I did not fill the prescription. Didn’t they just recall a bunch of infant Tylenol here recently? I wouldn’t trust the FDA as far as I could throw them. It’s up to you, trust known liars or trust your instincts. We are not people you would see on “Girls gone Wild”.
Now where do you get the whole tobacco thing?? If you read some of the posts, there are recommendations on vaporizing with nice organic buds.You are correct about the many additives that are in tobacco. I don’t think anyone suggest smoking pot with tobacco. That’s very Euro anyways. You will be hard pressed to find people smoking pot with tobacco in the states, unless they are smoking pot in “blunts”. You have come across a posting board for pregnant women who understand their bodies. I guess we can just agree to disagree on this one.”


This was one of the replies to a comment a man made, claiming he smoked every day and felt harmful effects, marijuana must havve effected him much differently. I’m a bit ditsy when I smoke, but only in darker rooms or watching TV, if I get up and do stuff, I do fine, I talk normal, I continue to hold regular conversations with people, I just get to feel good doing so.

I applaud this woman. I plan to do the same, keep it natural, the only drug I’ll “dope” my baby with is when I get an epidural for delivery. I don’t want anything prescribed to me that could harm my child. Marijuana is good for us. Possibly even a great thing for us. So, shove it!


Another quote “Large consumption of Alcohol, and prescription drugs are more of a health concern for us than the smoking of a joint to make us feel relaxed for our babies. Everyone has their opinion, but do your homework first before you go and judge others. In my opinion you are a very judgmental person and if you researched it you’ll find that pot now is about half as potent as it was in the 60s”


I can’t agree to disagree, we’ll each want to be who we are. I will never convince you, dollface, but I wish you could see the proof and understand. I’m positive I could find it, but you probably still wouldn’t consider caring about it. I believe its going to be good for us, and I don’t plan on taking any chances with anything that could be harmful, I’ll be quite cautious of everything I do, eat, drink, and smoke. And I’ll make sure its from the marijuana club, so I know its not laced or covered in pesticides, because you’re right and my baby deserves the best if I’m going to do it at all.

“Its not about the high, its about the relaxed feeling.” Yes. Yes it is.

I hope this helps someone. Its only made me even more sure of myself. I will smoke during my pregnancy, only marijuana. And my child will be raised with hippy parents that understand marijuana and that the only reason its illegal is someone demanded it so for profit.

Thank you.

That is all.


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