The difference between being nosy and a gossip. I think everyone is a bit curious, we want to know what each other are thinking, the way others view us, the way others view themselves, what they do behind closed doors, who they get to see naked.

It can’t be just me.

We are all curious, and somewhat nosy, in our own ways.

Where is the line between nosy and simply being a gossip though? And why is it so hard for so many people to see the difference?

For me, Highschool wasn’t entirely dreadful, well I like to think it wasn’t…. I wasn’t openly made fun of or beaten up or picked on by too many of the upperclassmen. I got along with just about every person I opened up to, and if I didn’t they heard something about me, true or not and left me secluded.

I did not befriend those that listened or spewed gossip. I heard one of my brief “friends” inform me of different rumors she’d heard about me. All of which I’m sure were lies. Or possibly worse, the truth. I still never took the time to ask about them, find out anything, or spread anything myself. I never listened to what someone had to say about ANYONE I was friends with, and I didn’t care to listen about the people I didn’t know. I did not follow gossip, and I did not keep friends that do.

I want to say I was raised better, but I can’t proclaim that, though my father would appreciate if we’d keep our mouths shut about anything other than our own business, and spread nothing we didn’t absolutely KNOW was true, not to be know-it-alls, and to treat others kindly and with respect. So. I tried to stick to that and hold onto his wisdom best I could.

Other than my father and I assume my brother, they talk. We talk. I still slip and jump in on some conversations, some gossip, I listen when I hear them chatter away degrading the rest of the family.

You wouldn’t believe how much shit talking there is. We are a terrible excuse for a family.

Everyone has something to say, I’m grateful I’m not going to our “family reunions.” When I was little and hung out with the kids, I didn’t hear it, or at least didn’t notice. But as I got older and wanted to sit with the “adults” at the campfire, shit got real. If they weren’t bashing each other on the spot indirectly or worse in a kind attitude so they sounded like they were giving advice.


Anyways, I painfully became aware of what my “family” really was/is and I mandated a change in my own behavior. First. I stopped listening all together, if you want to start gossiping about someone I’m out, and that includes Kim Kardashian. 😛 I think she’s beautiful and should be left be to enjoy the time she has left of her first pregnancy in all her glorious, swollen, gorgeousness. Haha


So its a trait that runs deep in my family, generations of women who feel the need to share every detail of everyone else’s life, maybe their own isn’t good enough?

Find a better hobby if so.


Its one thing to be curious and want to know, its another all together to start sharing the news of others, LIKE

“Delilah is pregnant, did ya know?” Not your business and Delilah and whomever can tell the rest of the world when they are ready.

“My daughter lost her virginity” Not at all business you should flaunt, share, or exploit. In either good or bad lighting. Not business that should be fucking shared.

“Did you hear that Ashley slept with her science teacher?” Fuck you. Just fuck you. Thats the stuff that tops the cake. FUCK YOU for sharing what could be false, and for starting whispers and giving whomever Ashley is, a bad rep. What if it is true? Why the fuck is it any of YOUR business, whether its illegal, immoral, illogical, or anything else. Still not you that did it, yet, you’re gonna spread that. Destroy the girl that may or may not have done anything wrong.

And why is it that when a woman has sex once her shit is on blast in such a negative way, but its fucking BRAVO to the douche bag that just ran a train. Once more, Fuck you.


So, what do you think? Because I’m tired of hearing about so and so and this or that.

Tell me about your fucking day, don’t tell me what the neighbor has been up to.

Try simply caring about those that love you, and leave the shit in the toilet? Yea?

I think thats a DAMN good idea.

But, I’d love to hear some feedback.







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