What Girls Really Mean

I hadn’t realized I was following a youtube celeb, until I cam across one of her videos, “I don’t know how to date”
I watched it, thought she was quite hilarious and I enjoy the accent slipping in.
I came to this video soon after, and couldn’t help myself.
Its too true not to share.

Personally, as much as I enjoy to be super straight forward about whatever.. Not all of the time will I speak my truth. Never will I first admit to feeling down, moody, or upset, I always stick to “I’m fine” because my problems aren’t meant for others? This is why I created a blog, I wasn’t talking to people about anything that upset me, and when I did, they’d tell me I’m too stressed, over analyzing, so I shut down and keep it to myself. A torturous cycle.
I’d like to end that.

But first, we shall watch this video, and feel refreshed by her wisdom of girl.

My favorites from her spiel.

I’m tired – I didn’t shave, don’t touch me.

Aw, I like that – Remember this moment, remember what you did, and do this again and don’t do anything else.

“Let’s Dance – Yea, I don’t care if you don’t want to dance or not, I just want to show you how sexy I can be because I’ve been practicing in front of the mirror to Sean Paul”
This quoted one… A personal favorite since I do in fact practice dancing to Sean Paul, frequently.

OH! By the way. I love the real meanings to most of our bat shit moments… Period. Simply, we are on our period.


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