7 Signs You’re Becoming A Better Person

I just really liked reading this, I’ve come to all of these conclusions, but its harder to keep up and follow through with all of it when you’re young and simply trying to step up my personality.
I want to be the better person, always have, always will. I just understand more now, and I understand that love and appreciation and actually listening, counts. You have to surround yourself with those that make you feel good, so you can spread your good feeling with others, make them feel good, and have a cycle of beautiful good listeners. Haha

Thought Catalog

1. You do things when you say you are going to do them.

Once upon a time, you would tell your friend that you would help him move on Saturday. Saturday morning came around, and 8 AM felt way, way earlier than you remembered it feeling, and you texted him last-minute with some bogus story about how you are feeling sick. (Which was technically true, I suppose, you just pickled your own body with vodka shooters and then beat it while it was down with a sack of Taco Bell. That is a kind of sickness, technically.) Either way, you werenโ€™t going to do it.

Today, though, you generally know better than to agree to things when you have no intention of following up on them, and you donโ€™t bail out for incredibly petty reasons when you are inconvenienced. Even when it is early in the morning. No matter howโ€ฆ

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Day 2 for my 30 day challenge/ Day 3 for my new lifestyle

Today feels especially long.. Like, I feel I must have done too much, or absolutely nothing…

Either way, Its time for my updates. My self discipline tracking, my budgeting and saving, my happiness recorded. ๐Ÿ˜›


My 30 day Challenge, Day 2 – 10 likes and Dislikes – Sounds more on the boring side.

1. I like Dodge Ram Trucks

2. I like my job

3. I like my brace face smile

4. I like Bewitched.

5. I like talking, a lot.

6. I like weed, marijuana, dope, mary jane, licorice, and reefer: A LOT.

7. I like porn. I still find that weird.

8. I like feeling a good workout.

9. I like the foodgasm that is my green bean casserole.

10. I like competition.


1. I dislike aggressive competition. (win, no matter who you hurt)

2. I dislike bodily functions.

3. I dislike physically doing the dishes.

4. I dislike pessimistic views. ( My glass is ALWAYS half full)

5. I dislike politics.

6. I dislike arrogant bastards that believe they get to have an opinion in someone else’s life.

7. I dislike most Republican opinions to squash the poor people in some manner.

8. I dislike grumpy mornings.

9. I dislike Cucumbers. lol

10. I dislike having to make a list of items I dislike… But I still wanted to do the rest of the challenge.


My new LIFESTYLE update.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to reset my phone and download the apps that I need to remind myself of my minor details…. I forgot about my Mary Kay lady, and have to wait til tomorrow evening when I go back to my parents place to attempt to meet with her.

My short term memory is so terrible. I would fail as a human without a smart phone, its absolutely terrible that its so true. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just forget things far too easily.

Aaron my sweet came and picked me up after work, he didn’t have to, he simply offered, and I gladly obliged, he cut out 2 hours (or more) of public travel by driving me. ๐Ÿ™‚

We did all we needed to at the house, he spent some time with Nahla, I spent some time with Lilah. Then we ran a couple of errands and went home.

I immediately got to the kitchen, started on my dinner, then offered to make something for Aaron, but the boys didn’t feel like waiting so they got to frying up some fresh homemade chicken taquitos our roommate Joe’s mum made for him. I had two while waiting for my food to come out of the oven. They were quite delicious. Then I sat and enjoyed my little baby frozen lasagna, Rachel sized is how the guys put it. Always scrumptious. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did a touch more dishes, smoked a tad more than the day previous, but still smoking less than I was. Which is only a touch more motivation than my average day, I cleaned up the kitchen a touch, cleaned the litter boxes, tidied up in the bedroom, and I did my work laundry. Had a couple of bong rips and went off to bed.

This morning was wonderful for me, and awful for Aaron. We both woke up early and both of us tried going back to sleep, I just woke up more and more, then when my alarm went off I was wide awake and feeling great. Aaron was awake and grumpy. I got up and started my coffee, let the pups out, cleaned my to-go coffee cup, put away the dishes from the night before, did a few squats and hopped in the shower. Let me tell you, 150 squats on the first day, is TERRIBLE for the second day. I wish I had thought about the aftermath of pushing myself so hard, it just took so long to feel my heartbeat pick up that I just kept on pushing myself to do another 50 or so more. I wanted to feel it hurt, I wanted to really push myself and get my cardio kick in. Well, it hurts still, in fact it hurts more today than it did yesterday because I did some squats last night to really rub it in that my muscles were sore…

Got to work super early, like usual, and spent less than $1 on my breakfast, since I brought my cereal, fiber bar, granola bar, and coffee. All I needed was milk and a bowl for my cereal, both together came up to 95 cents. Marvelous. Followed by a lunch that was far too expensive, I can’t stray from my Jim-Denny’s sausage. I have no idea why my self discipline fails me for that damn sausage. Its too delicious. >.<

So far my day has been smooth, dull and I’m guilty of splurging, but at least its been a smooth day. I’ve got my cleaning, and my workout routine after work. I’m so grateful I don’t have HW or schooling or anything, but I desperately need a planner to carry around with me and keep my ideas, plans, thoughts, and expenses in check. I’d like to have less issues throughout my week, I’d just simply like more aspects of my life to go as smoothly as work does most days. ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyone else thinking of starting a 30 day challenge? I have decided to make up a 30 day challenge for myself, possibly personal, possibly silly. Just to dedicate 30 days to one area in my life. Just to push my self discipline a step further. Any ideas on a silly or serious 30 day challenge you’ve thought up for yourself? I’d love to hear about ’em. ๐Ÿ˜€

30 day Challenge

30 day Challenge

Just a minor tag a long with my starting my new lifestyle. I plan to post a separate blog post just for my updates on my blog challenge, and a post for my life.
Today shall be Day 1.

1. I love the color Pink.
2. I love the Pink! line at VS
3. I love to-do lists
4. I want to be just like Samantha from Bewitched, blonde hair and all.
5. I miss my fast food job, but not the pay
6. My best friend has never heard me fart
7. I absolutely love competitively swimming
8. I miss the Butterfly stroke
9. I’d die without music
10. I LOVE to dance! And I dance everywhere as if the world is my music video.
11. I’m addicted to cinnamon flavored coffee beverages.
12. I have always wanted a meanie tattooed on me. And if you don’t know what they are, I demand you look it up and find out. ๐Ÿ˜‰
13. My favorite dog is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.
14. My favorite show EVER is Charmed
15. My favorite show currently is a toss up between ‘ Rules of Engagement’ and ‘How I Met your Mother’
16. I want to cut off almost ALL of my hair for a Winona meets Emma Watson look.
17. I’m too good at pretending to be absolutely fantastic when I’m not.
18. I find myself pleased by the simplest of things in life: the color of the sky at that moment, the look a man gave his wife, encouraging people running past me to keep it up.
19. I was in Girl Scouts for about 13 or 14 years.
20. I REALLLLLLLLLY miss my best friend, Ana.

Day 2 Standing Not So Strong

I’m going to be uploading a new post daily for my own personal motivation, so I can appreciate just how much I am doing, that I am saving, that I am trying. My updates, begin.ย 

Yesterday ended well, everything went as hoped. My day stayed awesome at work, got a little dull due to a 6 hour meeting tossed in there that I had to record, but I felt good. I felt like I was almost good at my job… Today is even better ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

After work I cleaned my apartment for about 2 hours, scrubbed, wiped, swept, and sang. My little kitchen looks lovely. Then Aaron made taquitos and brought them to me so I could have a free dinner before Hockey. They didn’t win, but they played well, and they played pretty fair. I still enjoyed watching. I was exhausted by the end of it.

I got home, made boo dinner, started on the dishes I promised myself I’d stay awake to do. I only did one load, I hate hand washing dishes, it takes forever… I only appreciate the hard work I’ve done, so I love having done the dishes. Haha

Then I did the rest of my squats, relaxed with a bowl, and then went to bed. I couldn’t squeeze in anything more, it was creeping on 11:30 and I was EXHAUSTED. It’d been a productive and wonderful day.


I slept through my alarm… Then when Aarons went off I got my shit together and got ready in 15 minutes, shower included. We were off, and I made it to my train on time. ๐Ÿ™‚

To walk in to my office and my power jumps in my face, I have fixed the encoders, started the webcasts, gone to 2540 already to help them up there. And then I got breakfast, because I felt I deserved to splurge already >.< It was only $4 something, but I still should’ve had my cereal or my Fiber One bar.. :/ Its 9:30 in the morning. And I’m thinking today will be just as awesome as yesterday, in hopes I can have a cheaper lunch than usual, and no more spending. NO MORE SPLURGING! Ugh. I baffle even myself. I knew I couldn’t resist my favorite little breakfast joint, Jim Denny’s. Beautiful little hole in the wall diner. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’ve got to walk Nahla the huge after work, with Aaron. Start my laundry and get to cookin’ dinner when we get home tonight. Then I’ve got more dishes and my work out routine, its a harder one today, assuming I can get to it. I hope to, I’d love to take that run. ๐Ÿ™‚

OOH! While cleaning my apartment, I came across a red plastic ring, I knew it wasn’t mine, it was Ashley’s when she lived there, and she must have dropped it when she moved out. Its a Superman ring, and I wore it and felt like I could conquer my world, or at least my apartment. I’ve kept it, and I’m going to wear it as my own personal motivation when I’m starting to feel down, or wanting to stop. I want to push through my exhaustion, I want more energy, I want to have my place clean and my mind at ease.

My day, today.

Day 1 with a wibbly wobbly routine because this week my family went on vacation and I’m to watch over the place and feed the animals on the days I can do so. Today is not one of those days I’m to go over there. Today Aaron has hockey. GATE! (Team name: Heavens Gate)

So I thought I’d start today, I woke up early, too early, and fell back asleep cuddled on the couch originally wanting to prepare a bowl… I woke up on time believe it or not, and managed to squeeze in some of my squats before my shower ๐Ÿ™‚ Felt great! Way better than I had assumed since having to eat fast food last night. My wibbly wobbly routine this week entailed me going to my parents yesterday after work, Wednesday after work, Friday after work, and once more on Saturday. I hope to try and work my way through the craziness and I’ll be prepared to go full ahead starting on Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜€



Starting my work day off right, with a fiber oats bar for breakfast that I brought from home, I didn’t buy any coffee, no caffeine at all for me today, but I have saved and that’s even better. Had my usual Caesar Salad for lunch, half of one, and its cheaper without chicken ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll get chicken in it tomorrow. Spending around $5 a day… I can handle that. I hope to get it lower than that someday soon. I’ve got to save every penny I can. This is certainly going to be tough.

Today I’m feeling great. I have more confidence in my job, I was even techy to the rescue today, I restarted a dropped teleconference and made another teleconference call, fixed my bosses error in our top dog office. I’d say today has been fantastic so far. I’ve got more exercising to do, and a load or 2 of dishes after hockey, but its worth it. I love feeling good about myself, I love being happy. Who doesn’t? Haha

AND my lovely best friend has informed me that NIN tickets have come out, she has already purchased hers. Its about time I try and pull together the money so I can go with her, its gonna be amazing just the 2 of us seeing Trent, Ana got me into NIN and I’m absolutely amazed he’s coming back out once more so I can see him with MY best friend that absolutely LOVES the man.

Its been a good Tuesday, hopefully only going to get better, I never thought I’d have such a good day while rain falls in June. I hope to keep my motivation, my good spirits, and the excitement to see NIN with my adorable best friend.

Wednesday can only be better, I pick up my Mary Kay products purchased months ago, walk Nahla the huge, I’m expected to hold down the fort at work while Vince is gone, I’m top dog? HELLO POWER!Jody is gonna be out tomorrow as well, so I’ll be doing the “heavy” lifting, I get to talk to everyone, I repeat, everyone. I’ll take the calls, I’ll tell Skip how to do whatever it is that he’s asking how to do, and show Eric how to use the new encoders, OMG I never realized how much Jody doesn’t know what he’s doing with our equipment……..

My boss Jody is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but he’s OCD about his stuff, and doesn’t appreciate when we tell him he’s doing something wrong, or show him how to do it. He screwed up the encoder today, and I had to explain to him how to fix it each time he messed it up. Well, he’s not good with electronics, worse without his glasses. Why hadn’t I noticed this before?

Its okay, I fixed it, but I shouldn’t have had to. He just shouldn’t touch it unless he’s sure he knows what he’s doing, or has his walk thru guides.

GOOD FEELINGS! Good motivation. Great inspiration.

I’ve got to clean up my shitty little apartment, then off we’ll go to hockey. First game of the new season. I hope my good day only continues.

May I have a good cleaning, a great game, beautiful work out, and some dishes before bed. Maybe. This is my goal for the rest of today… Lets hope i can do it!

Has inspiration struck you? Are you trying to better yourself in any way? Breaking a habit, starting a new work out routine, starting to work out, determined to find a job, determined to eat better, determined to fix a quality within yourself?

I wanna hear about your goals, I want to motivate you!

And I really want you to help keep me motivated, I desperately need support from WHEREVER possible.

Please and Thank You to everyone that’s helped me feel good, healthy, and happy.

I’m no Superman!

I have way too much time on my hands at work, I’ve already created a daily cleaning routine, a daily workout routine, and created a Weekly Schedule that incorporates them both. ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t want to do it for 30 days, I don’t want to do it til I hit a certain goal, I want it to be my life schedule.

I want to do it because:

  • I want to be organized
  • I want my place clean
  • I want to use my time productively
  • I simply want to be on a schedule
  • I want my booty Rockin’

I don’t wish to lose weight, I don’t wish to lose inches, I want to feel sexy. I just want to do it for me, I want to feel fantastic and I want my booty and smile to show it.

My 21st Birthday is coming up in ONE month. So, I’ve got 30 days to make this new schedule a habit. I will get to look and feel my best, I will not feel guilty about all the drinks and food I take in, I will not feel any shame in short shorts or bikini bottoms. I will be living in a clean organized home in preparation for our big move.

Now all thats left to do is Meal Planning. I gotta start making dinner at home every night, and making Aaron lunches for work til the day he stops working. ๐Ÿ˜›

I believe if I stick to my schedule we’ll save bundles on going out to dinner, I won’t need to snack as much, we’ll be saving by not smoking anywhere near as much, plus savings for NOT buying blunt wraps ALL the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’d be nice.

And I have to start waking up sooner in order to make my coffee while I do my squats before my shower each and EVERY day. ๐Ÿ˜€


Too many goals… This is gonna take some time, and a MAJOR adjustment period.


I was going to set up another goal, but I can’t overwhelm myself with the promise to do anything more, I cannot be superwoman, I am no superwoman.

I will just have to see how this goes, can I really do it? Can I follow a strict schedule in order to achieve my goal of a clean house and better health?


P.S. Does anyone else have the ‘Scrubs’ theme stuck in their head from that? I’m no superman.

Inspiration Has Struck

I thank my new motivation, a great motivator, a great new mom, a wonderful blogger, HUGE inspiration. “Becoming the Best Me,” you are wonderful!

I’m going to have to get myself a planner/ personal assistant. This blog, may not be enough. I am fixing as many of my own personal flaws as possible. I’m going to be better, I’m going to be healthy, I am going to be fit. I am going to learn better organization, stick to daily work outs, get the house clean and keep it clean, get my apartment cleaned and get my deposit back, going to create a daily routine: clean, organize, work out, laundry, and make Aaron’s lunches for the next work day.

I am going to see how well I do on a schedule. I want to see that I can do it, I want to see that I can stick to it, I want to see that Aaron and I become more healthy without him getting too stressed or worried about things he can’t control. I will be my best self. And it will be brutal.

I will cut down on my smoking so I can have more time and motivation to do EVERYTHING, so I’ll only smoke once after work, then once before bed instead of bowls, and bowls, and bong rips, and a blunt each day. I shall cut down that expense, and I shall cut down on so many others. I will not have Starbucks each day anymore. No matter which drink I get, the cheap $2.50 double shot, nor the $5 latte won’t make it in my daily budgeting.

As I hope to cut out other unneeded beverages and snacks. No more fast food. OH MY GEEBUS. I doubt I can achieve that, its too late each day after work. But its a must. WE HAVE TO SAVE.

Oh. Did I forget to mention. Due to an unfortunate piece of information, Aaron and I are getting our own place. I am ecstatic, no lie. We have enough time to save and figure our shit out, so I needed this to happen.

After my last minor shopping spree of buying new work pants since apparently you’re supposed to own MANY pairs of nice work slacks working in a State Building… I own three pairs for my 5 day work week. 2 of which have now ripped, twice. I have to buy more pants now.

So to break my suddenly complicated life down.

My goals for this week:

  • Develop different routines that work for ME, for EACH DAY
  • Develop an eating/ shopping guide
  • Buy lunch meats and such for Aaron’s lunches
  • Create a cleaning guide for each day
  • Download personal assistant app or buy day planner, ASAP

I plan to use my corkboard or whiteboard to help keep my thoughts and ideas in check. But, I have a feeling this is going to be harder than I’d like. I need SUPPORT! LOTS of support.

You got the rise you wanted.

It didn’t bother me until I read the statement underneath it. I saw the photo “Straight Pride” and under it, it says ” Well I can’t wait to see what the liberals are going to say about this post….

BRACE Yourself!”

I’m a straight woman in a committed relationship expected to go far. I hope this is the man I marry. I am also a liberal. But I do not understand why they BEGGED to get a rise out of us liberals. I’m straight and this offended me.

I saw the picture, thought nothing of it, oh, that’s kinda odd. Whats the point in this photo? Why do they need to show your support for all the straight republicans? Did they just want a rise out of us liberals? Is their a point? Is this at all necessary? You have all you could want, and all you want is to make sure that we aren’t happy?

I’m straight, and I don’t shove my straightness down your throat, and the only reason those in the LGBT community need to post a status, blog, photo, or have a rally: they have a purpose, they have a goal. They want equality, they want the rights you’ve taken from them,ย  they want to legally marry, they want their marriage recognized, they want to be accepted as equals in today’s society, we want to end the battle to love whom we choose. If you are straight, all you are doing is rubbing in the rights you’ve already got…. Speaking of, When did you choose to be straight? I never chose, I just knew I was straight. They never chose to be gay or to feel like a man in a womans body, they just knew it didn’t feel right with the opposite sex. Its not your heart thats involved. It shouldn’t be your choice, and its absolutely baffling that it still for some stupid, fucking reason, is up to the rest of the US.


How does this make sense to do? I mean, why must you ALWAYS shove your arrogant opinions down our throats, and copletely just ignore our side. Stubborn Republicans. Unable to accept others, unable to accept change, unable to accept any other way of life, unable to accept that we might think differently, unable to accept that there is always 2 sides to every situation, story, or event. There is only one way, their way.


I am a straight liberal, I stand by those that are treated unfairly, treated differently for any reason, told to be someone else, told to love someone else, forced to be singled out and considered immoral or wrong. You are AMAZING the way you are, and the only thing anyone should change, is to be more kind and accepting of others. We all need to accept each other. I will accept you as a republican, as long as you don’t discourage my simple opinion. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, we ALL have feelings and we ALL need love and support. Why do we fill ourselves with judgment and hatred towards other people. Live your life, and I will live and express mine.


‘Marijuana moms’ say smoking pot makes them better parents

I have never seen a new mom fully capable of handling a child all by themselves all the time. Stay at home moms that only watch the kids and do household chores all day and make no income, worry about the kids, the house, the money, and absolutely every little thing they have on their never endnig to do list that flows through our brains. To smoke a little and only focus on your child when you are with your child. I think that’s beautiful. They say they don’t smoke around them, but it helps them focus on them, helps them think of new and different things to do, helps moms enjoy their child more, I have never been in a bad mood smoking marijuana, and the one time I’ve babysat stoned, it was even more amazing to see his smile, hear his laugh. So tell me that my enjoying myself and only wanting to focus on my child makes it a bad thing, a natural plant we can smoke, eat, drink, or drop. I hadn’t even thought about how it really helps me, helps me calm my crazy racing thoughts, that’s what I love most about it, why wouldn’t I want that when I’m gonna be a thousand times more stressed worrying about my child. Marijuana will forever be a part of me and my family. Forever looked at as a WONDERFUL plant.

Patients for Medical Cannabis

From Syracuse dot com

A group of moms in Beverly Hills, California, insist smoking marijuana makes them better wives and better parents.

The group is made up of a mix wealthy stay-at-home mothers, part-time service industry workers, and one wife of a police officer. They throw marijuana themed dinner parties, including dishes like cannabis leaf salad, chicken fried in cannabis oil and marijuana milk shakes, according to The Daily Mail.

One of the motherโ€™s, January Thomas, says she smokes marijuana five times a day while she takes care of her two-year-old daughter, Zeena:

โ€œMarijuana makes me a better and more creative parent. It puts me in the moment with Zeena and stops me worrying about everyday problems. I want her to understand the benefits of cannabis so I read her books like โ€˜Mommyโ€™s Funny Medicineโ€™ and โ€˜Itโ€™s Just a Plantโ€™ to teach her.โ€

Another woman, Cheryl Shuman, compares theโ€ฆ

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“That’s why they make the big bucks” – My father tells me so

So, I’m hearing that fast food workers are trying to get paid a bit more, that it’ll make the work environment nicer, and they could actually afford to live, and keep their jobs. I mean, someone HAS to do those jobs. For at least the rest of MY life we’ll have fast food places, in which they’ll need plenty of workers to do A FUCK TON.

My first job was at Taco Bell, I was paid minimum wage of $8 an hour the whole 6 months or so I was there. My job was actually pretty simple, but I hated that they hated me and stuck me with dishes and the back window EVERY day I was scheduled. So I asked to switch to graveyard, they loved that, they’d never have to see me. I loved graveyard, no shitty managers to make me nervous and screw up my job, I could chat up with the customers that walked up to the window during the SLOW times, and we even got to listen to music during the shift, especially if it was time to kill through the dishes at like 3 or 4 am after the last “rush” of 10 cars or so. Haha. It was nice. We did all the heavy lifting, all the major cleaning, all the dishes, all the mopping, all the wiping down of every square inch of the place, each and every night. It was still better than dealing with managers that hate me, make fun of me, make me cry, or force me to do dishes and dishes, and more dishes. I hate dishes…. But at least at Taco Bell they had a slightly better system for doing the dishes, nothing was automatic, everything by hand, and the water was hot as balls. But it was done correctly, up to par, and I made sure everything remained spotless unlike my fellow coworkers that were lazy or rather, did things too quick. (I got in some trouble because I make sure its done right, meaning, I kinda took MY time)

I quit when they cut my hours down to 2 3 hour shifts a week. WHAT THE FUCK. I wasย  hired on the spot at Cjs so I was thankful I could quit so quickly. I wanted OUT of that bitch. They had switched me to day shift for those 3 hour shifts. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I started with 25 hours a week, then it quickly escalated to 35 almost 40 every week. But… I was working 6 days a week to get those hours. They loved having me work. I became the fastest worker, and my boss showed me off, and asked everyone to get fast like us (Ana and I were the fastest, she got me the job :P)

So, I continued to work 6 days a week the entire time I worked there. Over worked, doing things that weren’t awesome. Were we up to code? No. We were a terribly gross store, tiny, crammed, and WAY overworked without any of the right equipment. Everything was pretty manual, and nothing was ever done right. And our boss yelled, shoved, pushed, and screamed at us. She was not the friendliest person, though she was your BEST friend off the clock. Asked me to stay and help occasionally, if I wanted to. And so, because I did, I started training to be shift lead. I was there 8 months. And after ONE month she told me I had great potential and could be training to be shift lead soon enough. And then they started teaching me shift lead things, and letting me run the front counter alone, never asking a second cashier to work with me, and the shift lead would often go and do whatever in the back office. I was alone, working the counter and drive thru. And that meant I did EVERYTHING. I can tell you, more than one time I took the order, washed my hands, made the food, bagged the food, took their money and handed out their food. I DID THE WHOLE THING. MORE THAN ONE TIME!

On minumum wage. Living with my boyfriend at the time. Supporting us both, and our kittens, at our own apartment. ON MINIMUM WAGE. $8 an hour, working 6 days a week, doing WAY too much, and training to be something they NEVER gave to me, they promised me a $2 raise when I became shift lead. And she claimed to have purchased my shift lead book (the last step to becoming shift lead) and then the next week told me she canceled it because she thought I wasn’t ready. She claimed that she was about to make me shift lead 3 times before I finally just quit. I had learned everything, I could count and enter a drawer, count the safe, do inventory, could cook EVERYTHING, and I could manage a shift, tell people what to do, and I was great with all of my customers and the only complaint made on my name was not something I did, it was a coworker that looked like me, while I was in the back cooking or making those fucking cookies we all love. I could do it all, but I couldn’t handle what they needed me to be able to do, I could do it all by myself, or I could do it with help the whole time, I couldn’t handle people helping me, then leaving, I was deaf in one ear, when they’d tell me they were leaving, I wouldn’t be able to tune out a customer to hear, I was fucking deaf. Which being as I was this awesome at my job, I should’ve gotten that raise, should’ve gotten to be shift lead. But I couldn’t handle when they’d switch it up. So, shit would get ugly, and it would be my fault all of a sudden because my brain can’t do more than one thing at a time unless it knows its already doing it without any help. So, when it came time I was on the fry station, and chicken tenders were demanded FAR too often, and they take fucking forever, I couldn’t do it all, and they got backed up because I couldn’t handle everyone screaming at me all at once including customers yelling at the cashier on headset explaining their order, we had to wear them to hear when tenders or something that took too long was ordered. But, I still couldn’t do it with one ear being fully deaf. I’ve had a doc explain to me since getting it fixed, she felt terrible, she understood that when there is more than one person speaking to me, I can only focus on ONE person at a time, but that potentially absolutely nothing could make sense to me and I could just be uber frazzled and hear a lot going on and not have the slightest clue whats happening or how to approach not having a clue whats being said. So, when I heard Pam, Nalini, another cook, a cashier, and a customer going off in my bad ear on the head set, I lost it, threw my hands up and asked for a break, and then resigned that night. I couldn’t do it, and they were saying I wasn’t gonna get my vacation time anyways to help my best friend move 2 states away, 2 weeks afterwords I’d asked for a few days in LA with my family. Equaling to 10 days off in the month of June. Unacceptable to have 10 unpaid work days off…. Fuck you, I quit.

I’m sorry that sometimes, and sadly often they screw up your meal, you are not our only customers and we have screaming yelling and a thousand things going on behind us to screw up your order, or the make of your food because the cooks are too stressed with others screaming at them.

Its fucking hectic working for fast food. Its bullshit we use that phrase “Thats why they make the big bucks, because they screw up our orders left and right”

The people in fast food jobs, where there is no time limit, your order is accurate every time, and the workers are happier with their lives, and probably getting paid more. Chipotle starts off with a higher wage, and they do less, have benefits, and have the happiest customers.

In N out starts with a higher wage, with benefits, they’re happier, and there times are slower. The demand of fast food, the more money you spend at the fast food, creating a higher demand of quick service. I hate that you need your food in a heartbeat, can’t you wait like 5 minutes? Then your food would be right, and possibly fresh. If we didn’t have a time limit your shit would be fresh and everyone would get served in order. But, we hold a higher importance with drive thru for those fucking fast times that mean what? You do make more money, but you get more complaints, and less accuracy, and no time to clean up your area so shit doesn’t get gross. Its fucking ridiculous working in fast food. You get paid close to nothing, with no benefits, and jobs are slim pickings, don’t tell me to go get myself in CRAZY debt so I can maybe find a job that pays slightly better so I can pay off my debt for the rest of my life.

Today we are simply fucked. I hear fast food workers are trying to raise the minimum wage or at least what they make in fast food industries. I doubt it’ll happen, we refuse to pay the hardest workers better pay. We need to cut those not capable of giving there all, and pay those that are willing to a bit more.

I am now working at a state building, I am on the clock right now. I work a mandatory 40 hours a week at my 8:30 to 5:30 job. I do absolutely nothing on many days, and other days our shit is crazy overloaded and I’m unqualified to help. I am not qualified for my job, and I suspect I could never get a job like this one unless I had many more years of experience. I love my simple job. And I love all of the perks that come with, but guess what. I still am in middle class wage. There are still people above me getting paid way more to sit on their ass and have their assistants and interns do all the heavy lifting. All the research and creating of the proposals they’ll have to read through and make to their bosses. The more money you make, the less you do in some corporations. I understand some work really hard, and make what they should be making, and are sometimes in debt themselves for whatever reason, meaning even they struggle. But they make more so it’s easier on them. I’m grateful I don’t have debt. Or I’d be absolutely screwed.

Nurses make less than doctors, yet they do mostly… everything? I see my doctor and she tells me to bugger off (stole that from my new favorite British you tube vlogger: Emily Hart,) but the nurses ask me all the questions, do all the actual stuff, running around to get everything for them, taking temps, weight, measurements, cleaning ears, checking stats, doing just about everything. Then I spend about 5 minutes with a doctor. Same questions, nothing more, and then when I speak, she shuts me down and explains I’m not right, I don’t want that, I don’t need to do that, etc etc. I don’t like my main Doctor. I should really get a different one and hope for better. But, I doubt it. Kaiser doesn’t give a fuck about you. At least, mostly they don’t. In my generalized opinion. Feel free to believe differently, I just can’t.

ANYWAYS…. I’m always doing that. Always off topic. Always a rant. ๐Ÿ˜›

I hope they do it, I hope those that deserve to make more, can, and that maybe fast food will accept tips. I was NOT allowed to accept tips from Taco Bell customers, absolutely against the rules. They would fire anyone. And they have if you’re caught on camera. My boss and managers were dicks. They were waiting for me to do anything wrong. I never did, besides a terrible screw up during a rush. Oh dear god, check the cash, its frequently fake, assholes.

I got tips at CJ’s though, and often, weekly I got tips from someone, never regularly, never a lot, but when someone gave me a few dollars and asked I put it in my pocket, I obliged. ๐Ÿ™‚ I once got a $5 tip at Cjs.

And we didn’t have to pull the tips together to be fair to those that aren’t deserving of tips like at other places or restaurants or hotels. Those that keep a smile for customers yelling, complaining, bitching, and demanding, and for those running around doing the heavy lifting are deserving, those standing around, those giving attitude and screwing up, are not deserving of tips.

I WORKED AT BLIMPIES! Shit was worse than ever, I only worked a few hours a day, and up to 4 days a week, never 5. Under the table, paid in cash, he stopped taking taxes out when I asked for all the right paperwork.. It was kinda awful. I made what I actually earned, without taxes removed, awesome. But, I worked so little, never getting more than $200 for my 2 weeks of work, and no benefits, and I was still paying for the regional transit just to get to work. It was almost, not worth it. And they’re gross, like, I never want to eat there ever again in my life, gross. And they kept a fat tip jar at the counter, always getting great tips for my cute brace face smile, my silly hair colors in my pony tail, and my awesome personality to keep our customers smiling. I watched that bitch fill, and fill in front of me. But it was theres. It was only for the owners. I never got a penny of it. Except when they’d leave a tip on the table after I asked if they were done with their empty trays. I liked those customers, they seemed to know what was happening. ๐Ÿ™‚ They made my week.


Fast food workers work too hard, under such harsh terms, and are still being accused of being the lesser half, we work too fucking hard to be treated this way, then come to hate our jobs. I love people, I love not having a time limit with my customers so they leave happy and want to return, we need to share love, not our greed. The corporations for fast food make WAY TOO MUCH MONEY TO CREATE A NEW FUCKING ITEM ON A MENU! Then have your very, VERY underpaid workers sell that smile to demand customers to buy it. I hate scripting, its bullshit, let me get what the customer wants, and understand their taste, and offer a choice they may actually want instead of forcing us to beg them to buy the newest burger, dessert, side or drink.

Yes, I’m ranting about fast food today. No, I don’t want to stop. But I will.

I hope this can open someones eyes, maybe not about my doctor or Kaiser. But I hope its raised the awareness of fast food workers. We do not deserve the abuse for such low wages. I wouldn’t be complaining about the harassment as much if they were at least paid what they deserve for sacrificing their soul or dignity. Don’t even get me started on Porn actresses… Shit. Thats a whole other level of abuse no one wants to talk about.


Thirsty Thursday, I’m drinking Shock Top tonight after moving in with Aaron fully and officially after work. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets try and turn this day around now. I’ve still got lots to look forward to, and I can be thankful I am not one of the millions still trapped in fast food industries.