I finally got my Paragard

I did a lot of research on the effectiveness and the side effects that may occur. I did not research how it would feel to be placed. Or to have my first pap… That didn’t hurt, but the Iud did..
There were complications, and she couldn’t get it to go.
So she kept trying, over, and over again. Finally stopping to tell me we may need to use another form, unless you r really are determined to get an Iud. I was determined. I waited a few minutes, I greatly needed a break, so much pain. The worst cramping I’ve felt in a flash. Progressively getting more painful till she finally got it through.
Then as she quickly got everything out of the way I felt slightly better, but within a minute cramps were back.
And then they got worse and worse.
I was then called a trooper and they explained.
Its not supposed to take that long. Its not supposed to hurt that much, and you did it without screaming or crying.
She then asked if I needed pain meds. She got me Motrin and prescribed norco.
A woman comes in with my Motrin, explains that when she had it done she made a complete fool of herself, screamed and cried the whole time.
I felt better by that, better about myself until I later realized what that could mean…

I got my prescriptions after laying in my docs office for a good half hour.. Then got a special treat for myself, my favorite potato salad. šŸ™‚
Then home to smoke and lay down and do absolutely nothing for a good while. Until contractions came back, of course.
Thank you norco for taking me out.


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