7 Stupid Questions We Need To Stop Asking


Thought Catalog

1. “Can I use your computer?”

They don’t need you all up in their shit. They don’t need you typing a single letter into the YouTube search bar and getting prompted to go on a journey through all of the “announcing to the parents we’re pregnant/engaged” happy-cry videos that they enjoy watching in their private leisure time. A person’s laptop is their sacred sphere of masturbation and hate-stalking and messages sent to crushes while drunk at two in the morning. It is not for public consumption. Besides, everyone knows you just want to check your Facebook and dick around for a few minutes. There is no need to make someone sweat bullets and reconsider every digital decision they ever made over that nonsense.

2. “How much did you pay for [insert object here]?”

Maybe if you’re really cool with the person and you have a distinct, practical reason for wanting…

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