Overweight and healthy!

I like this, quite a bit. We aren’t supposed to judge others based on looks. But we do. And if someone is overweight, they should know first off, they can see themselves in any shiny surface, we should only be there to support their life goals. Hopefully being healthy is one of them. Thats all we can do. Support and hope for the best. Its not our life. If they gain more weight, develop health issues, they are not us. So we just need to focus on our own goals and simply support others.


One of the biggest threats to America today is obesity, it causes all kinds of life threatening health issues. However, we have some overweight people saying they are healthy. Can they really be overweight and healthy? Well, we think this is where you really want to follow the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Ever seen an overweight person participate in any kind of physical activity… and actually be good at it? Those same people will make the argument that they are just as healthy as Miss Skinny on the treadmill. Now, having extra weight to carry around can make doing anything a little more difficult, but having not enough weight makes things difficult as well.

Well, we aren’t going to get into a debate whether they are healthy or not, we don’t want to be the ones to tell them that because they don’t look the part…

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