They call themselves “Allys”

Sadly they are better yet known as ” Trannys” being Transgendered. Post op or Pre op. I don’t need to know. Its absolutely none of my business.

It was amazing, and I’m grateful I got the chance to see any one of them for the very first time: a woman, in a mans body. She wore a crazy huge wig, really tall generally attractive heels, and a somewhat skimpy dress. This was my 2nd time to Head Hunters the 18+ dance club/bar. She was dancing around the whole floor, she was the main event, the woman in the spotlight, and she could dance so easily in them heels, it was crazy, I can’t even get my body to do that kinda shit in heels.

I didn’t get a good look at her, really, but I didn’t need to. As far as I was concerned, she’s the big star of the club, getting the attention of everyone and I’ve come for the dancing alone.

I still thought she was awesome, and looked like she was having the best time out of everyone. Its easier for me to say she, now. Being the first person I’d ever been confused about.

That being said.

My cousin came out to my family. Born a beautiful little girl, somewhere between then and now she’s admitted that she doesn’t feel like a she. She, is a he. He is an ally.

And that’s okay. The exact way in which he came out, confused me, I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. I hadn’t really spoken much with him since he was real little and we were close friends when I would visit often. I always thought he was my closest cousin, anyways.

I asked him about it, some, what he prefers, if he feels like a man, or wants to be called a mans name, if he is serious about this, if he’ll open up to us now that he’s came out. He hopes he’ll be accepted. I wish I could say he is.

He is my cousin on my mothers side, he is the child of my moms sister. I have a couple of lesbian cousins, one married to her new wife, one living with her current girlfriend. We can accept them? But we’ll never accept him, because he is an ally? Thats not fair. By no means is that fair. You’ll talk with those that love the same sex, but my other cousin trapped in a woman’s body, he’ll be the one family members reject. And under NO circumstance do I want to be a part of that.


At this point I wish I could go off and explain how much I love my family, they are all so accepting, caring, loving, and kind people. But they aren’t. Most are extremely selfish, fantastic users, and great at tearing each other down. I do not respect or enjoy the majority of my family. We have a few stragglers, not yet bitter by the rest of the bunch. Those with good hearts like my Aunt Heidi and my cousin Valerie with their perky personalities. Or my cousin David who trained for a triathlon and kicked ass after getting ripped. Still caring for his bubs that’s a mini version of him, now that mommy has decided to be selfish once more. A few of my amazing family members, pale in comparison to the shit that surrounds all of us. I wish it were possible to delete those traits, that they’d change and become better human beings, capable of accepting each other for who we are, what we are, and all that we have done. I cannot accept you for betraying family members, stabbing them in the back (not literally), and for denying anyone the chance to be who they are.

An ally. A man in a womans body, or a woman in a mans body. Does it matter? I know it makes things more difficult, its harder for me to explain my cousin, and I slip up often and say she. He is not a she. He does not feel like a she. He is a HE. And thats all there is to it. You are not them. They are not trying to confuse YOU.

They want to be themselves.

He’d like a bearded dragon, he really wants one. And to hear “I’ll never call her that” is not something I want to associate myself with, I don’t want to associate with a person so stuck on themselves they can’t handle that they may feel this way. He has been quiet all his life, how do you know this isn’t how he’s always felt. It isn’t your choice. And being someone in your own FAMILY, you are an arrogant piece of shit for denying your nephew his life, his family, his support during this hard time. How DARE you.

It only brings me back to one of my other posts, of a video I came across, ” Do you think that being gay is a choice? When did you choose to be straight?”

There have been so many eye openers out there for me to see in the past few months, so much I’ve learned about myself, so much I’ve learned about those I call “family” and I’m learning about what it means to be a family. My children, grandchildren, and all of my in-laws (cousins, nephews, neices, uncles, grandparents, mom and pop, everyone) they will all know me for me, they will all know about me, and they may never meet those I came from if need be. I don’t need judgmental, arrogant, and selfish people in my life. I need support, love and guidance.

I hope my cousin does well, he’s been sucked into the webs of terror, may he come out strong and stand tall as an ally, may he never be called names, looked at funny, judged, or left out. May our family one day accept him for who he is. May they accept every good soul for who they are.


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