You got the rise you wanted.

It didn’t bother me until I read the statement underneath it. I saw the photo “Straight Pride” and under it, it says ” Well I can’t wait to see what the liberals are going to say about this post….

BRACE Yourself!”

I’m a straight woman in a committed relationship expected to go far. I hope this is the man I marry. I am also a liberal. But I do not understand why they BEGGED to get a rise out of us liberals. I’m straight and this offended me.

I saw the picture, thought nothing of it, oh, that’s kinda odd. Whats the point in this photo? Why do they need to show your support for all the straight republicans? Did they just want a rise out of us liberals? Is their a point? Is this at all necessary? You have all you could want, and all you want is to make sure that we aren’t happy?

I’m straight, and I don’t shove my straightness down your throat, and the only reason those in the LGBT community need to post a status, blog, photo, or have a rally: they have a purpose, they have a goal. They want equality, they want the rights you’ve taken from them,  they want to legally marry, they want their marriage recognized, they want to be accepted as equals in today’s society, we want to end the battle to love whom we choose. If you are straight, all you are doing is rubbing in the rights you’ve already got…. Speaking of, When did you choose to be straight? I never chose, I just knew I was straight. They never chose to be gay or to feel like a man in a womans body, they just knew it didn’t feel right with the opposite sex. Its not your heart thats involved. It shouldn’t be your choice, and its absolutely baffling that it still for some stupid, fucking reason, is up to the rest of the US.


How does this make sense to do? I mean, why must you ALWAYS shove your arrogant opinions down our throats, and copletely just ignore our side. Stubborn Republicans. Unable to accept others, unable to accept change, unable to accept any other way of life, unable to accept that we might think differently, unable to accept that there is always 2 sides to every situation, story, or event. There is only one way, their way.


I am a straight liberal, I stand by those that are treated unfairly, treated differently for any reason, told to be someone else, told to love someone else, forced to be singled out and considered immoral or wrong. You are AMAZING the way you are, and the only thing anyone should change, is to be more kind and accepting of others. We all need to accept each other. I will accept you as a republican, as long as you don’t discourage my simple opinion. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, we ALL have feelings and we ALL need love and support. Why do we fill ourselves with judgment and hatred towards other people. Live your life, and I will live and express mine.



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