I’m no Superman!

I have way too much time on my hands at work, I’ve already created a daily cleaning routine, a daily workout routine, and created a Weekly Schedule that incorporates them both. 🙂

I don’t want to do it for 30 days, I don’t want to do it til I hit a certain goal, I want it to be my life schedule.

I want to do it because:

  • I want to be organized
  • I want my place clean
  • I want to use my time productively
  • I simply want to be on a schedule
  • I want my booty Rockin’

I don’t wish to lose weight, I don’t wish to lose inches, I want to feel sexy. I just want to do it for me, I want to feel fantastic and I want my booty and smile to show it.

My 21st Birthday is coming up in ONE month. So, I’ve got 30 days to make this new schedule a habit. I will get to look and feel my best, I will not feel guilty about all the drinks and food I take in, I will not feel any shame in short shorts or bikini bottoms. I will be living in a clean organized home in preparation for our big move.

Now all thats left to do is Meal Planning. I gotta start making dinner at home every night, and making Aaron lunches for work til the day he stops working. 😛

I believe if I stick to my schedule we’ll save bundles on going out to dinner, I won’t need to snack as much, we’ll be saving by not smoking anywhere near as much, plus savings for NOT buying blunt wraps ALL the time. 🙂 That’d be nice.

And I have to start waking up sooner in order to make my coffee while I do my squats before my shower each and EVERY day. 😀


Too many goals… This is gonna take some time, and a MAJOR adjustment period.


I was going to set up another goal, but I can’t overwhelm myself with the promise to do anything more, I cannot be superwoman, I am no superwoman.

I will just have to see how this goes, can I really do it? Can I follow a strict schedule in order to achieve my goal of a clean house and better health?


P.S. Does anyone else have the ‘Scrubs’ theme stuck in their head from that? I’m no superman.


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