Inspiration Has Struck

I thank my new motivation, a great motivator, a great new mom, a wonderful blogger, HUGE inspiration. “Becoming the Best Me,” you are wonderful!

I’m going to have to get myself a planner/ personal assistant. This blog, may not be enough. I am fixing as many of my own personal flaws as possible. I’m going to be better, I’m going to be healthy, I am going to be fit. I am going to learn better organization, stick to daily work outs, get the house clean and keep it clean, get my apartment cleaned and get my deposit back, going to create a daily routine: clean, organize, work out, laundry, and make Aaron’s lunches for the next work day.

I am going to see how well I do on a schedule. I want to see that I can do it, I want to see that I can stick to it, I want to see that Aaron and I become more healthy without him getting too stressed or worried about things he can’t control. I will be my best self. And it will be brutal.

I will cut down on my smoking so I can have more time and motivation to do EVERYTHING, so I’ll only smoke once after work, then once before bed instead of bowls, and bowls, and bong rips, and a blunt each day. I shall cut down that expense, and I shall cut down on so many others. I will not have Starbucks each day anymore. No matter which drink I get, the cheap $2.50 double shot, nor the $5 latte won’t make it in my daily budgeting.

As I hope to cut out other unneeded beverages and snacks. No more fast food. OH MY GEEBUS. I doubt I can achieve that, its too late each day after work. But its a must. WE HAVE TO SAVE.

Oh. Did I forget to mention. Due to an unfortunate piece of information, Aaron and I are getting our own place. I am ecstatic, no lie. We have enough time to save and figure our shit out, so I needed this to happen.

After my last minor shopping spree of buying new work pants since apparently you’re supposed to own MANY pairs of nice work slacks working in a State Building… I own three pairs for my 5 day work week. 2 of which have now ripped, twice. I have to buy more pants now.

So to break my suddenly complicated life down.

My goals for this week:

  • Develop different routines that work for ME, for EACH DAY
  • Develop an eating/ shopping guide
  • Buy lunch meats and such for Aaron’s lunches
  • Create a cleaning guide for each day
  • Download personal assistant app or buy day planner, ASAP

I plan to use my corkboard or whiteboard to help keep my thoughts and ideas in check. But, I have a feeling this is going to be harder than I’d like. I need SUPPORT! LOTS of support.


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