My day, today.

Day 1 with a wibbly wobbly routine because this week my family went on vacation and I’m to watch over the place and feed the animals on the days I can do so. Today is not one of those days I’m to go over there. Today Aaron has hockey. GATE! (Team name: Heavens Gate)

So I thought I’d start today, I woke up early, too early, and fell back asleep cuddled on the couch originally wanting to prepare a bowl… I woke up on time believe it or not, and managed to squeeze in some of my squats before my shower 🙂 Felt great! Way better than I had assumed since having to eat fast food last night. My wibbly wobbly routine this week entailed me going to my parents yesterday after work, Wednesday after work, Friday after work, and once more on Saturday. I hope to try and work my way through the craziness and I’ll be prepared to go full ahead starting on Sunday. 😀



Starting my work day off right, with a fiber oats bar for breakfast that I brought from home, I didn’t buy any coffee, no caffeine at all for me today, but I have saved and that’s even better. Had my usual Caesar Salad for lunch, half of one, and its cheaper without chicken 😛 I’ll get chicken in it tomorrow. Spending around $5 a day… I can handle that. I hope to get it lower than that someday soon. I’ve got to save every penny I can. This is certainly going to be tough.

Today I’m feeling great. I have more confidence in my job, I was even techy to the rescue today, I restarted a dropped teleconference and made another teleconference call, fixed my bosses error in our top dog office. I’d say today has been fantastic so far. I’ve got more exercising to do, and a load or 2 of dishes after hockey, but its worth it. I love feeling good about myself, I love being happy. Who doesn’t? Haha

AND my lovely best friend has informed me that NIN tickets have come out, she has already purchased hers. Its about time I try and pull together the money so I can go with her, its gonna be amazing just the 2 of us seeing Trent, Ana got me into NIN and I’m absolutely amazed he’s coming back out once more so I can see him with MY best friend that absolutely LOVES the man.

Its been a good Tuesday, hopefully only going to get better, I never thought I’d have such a good day while rain falls in June. I hope to keep my motivation, my good spirits, and the excitement to see NIN with my adorable best friend.

Wednesday can only be better, I pick up my Mary Kay products purchased months ago, walk Nahla the huge, I’m expected to hold down the fort at work while Vince is gone, I’m top dog? HELLO POWER!Jody is gonna be out tomorrow as well, so I’ll be doing the “heavy” lifting, I get to talk to everyone, I repeat, everyone. I’ll take the calls, I’ll tell Skip how to do whatever it is that he’s asking how to do, and show Eric how to use the new encoders, OMG I never realized how much Jody doesn’t know what he’s doing with our equipment……..

My boss Jody is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but he’s OCD about his stuff, and doesn’t appreciate when we tell him he’s doing something wrong, or show him how to do it. He screwed up the encoder today, and I had to explain to him how to fix it each time he messed it up. Well, he’s not good with electronics, worse without his glasses. Why hadn’t I noticed this before?

Its okay, I fixed it, but I shouldn’t have had to. He just shouldn’t touch it unless he’s sure he knows what he’s doing, or has his walk thru guides.

GOOD FEELINGS! Good motivation. Great inspiration.

I’ve got to clean up my shitty little apartment, then off we’ll go to hockey. First game of the new season. I hope my good day only continues.

May I have a good cleaning, a great game, beautiful work out, and some dishes before bed. Maybe. This is my goal for the rest of today… Lets hope i can do it!

Has inspiration struck you? Are you trying to better yourself in any way? Breaking a habit, starting a new work out routine, starting to work out, determined to find a job, determined to eat better, determined to fix a quality within yourself?

I wanna hear about your goals, I want to motivate you!

And I really want you to help keep me motivated, I desperately need support from WHEREVER possible.

Please and Thank You to everyone that’s helped me feel good, healthy, and happy.


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