Day 2 Standing Not So Strong

I’m going to be uploading a new post daily for my own personal motivation, so I can appreciate just how much I am doing, that I am saving, that I am trying. My updates, begin. 

Yesterday ended well, everything went as hoped. My day stayed awesome at work, got a little dull due to a 6 hour meeting tossed in there that I had to record, but I felt good. I felt like I was almost good at my job… Today is even better 😉 

After work I cleaned my apartment for about 2 hours, scrubbed, wiped, swept, and sang. My little kitchen looks lovely. Then Aaron made taquitos and brought them to me so I could have a free dinner before Hockey. They didn’t win, but they played well, and they played pretty fair. I still enjoyed watching. I was exhausted by the end of it.

I got home, made boo dinner, started on the dishes I promised myself I’d stay awake to do. I only did one load, I hate hand washing dishes, it takes forever… I only appreciate the hard work I’ve done, so I love having done the dishes. Haha

Then I did the rest of my squats, relaxed with a bowl, and then went to bed. I couldn’t squeeze in anything more, it was creeping on 11:30 and I was EXHAUSTED. It’d been a productive and wonderful day.


I slept through my alarm… Then when Aarons went off I got my shit together and got ready in 15 minutes, shower included. We were off, and I made it to my train on time. 🙂

To walk in to my office and my power jumps in my face, I have fixed the encoders, started the webcasts, gone to 2540 already to help them up there. And then I got breakfast, because I felt I deserved to splurge already >.< It was only $4 something, but I still should’ve had my cereal or my Fiber One bar.. :/ Its 9:30 in the morning. And I’m thinking today will be just as awesome as yesterday, in hopes I can have a cheaper lunch than usual, and no more spending. NO MORE SPLURGING! Ugh. I baffle even myself. I knew I couldn’t resist my favorite little breakfast joint, Jim Denny’s. Beautiful little hole in the wall diner. 🙂

So I’ve got to walk Nahla the huge after work, with Aaron. Start my laundry and get to cookin’ dinner when we get home tonight. Then I’ve got more dishes and my work out routine, its a harder one today, assuming I can get to it. I hope to, I’d love to take that run. 🙂

OOH! While cleaning my apartment, I came across a red plastic ring, I knew it wasn’t mine, it was Ashley’s when she lived there, and she must have dropped it when she moved out. Its a Superman ring, and I wore it and felt like I could conquer my world, or at least my apartment. I’ve kept it, and I’m going to wear it as my own personal motivation when I’m starting to feel down, or wanting to stop. I want to push through my exhaustion, I want more energy, I want to have my place clean and my mind at ease.


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