Day 2 for my 30 day challenge/ Day 3 for my new lifestyle

Today feels especially long.. Like, I feel I must have done too much, or absolutely nothing…

Either way, Its time for my updates. My self discipline tracking, my budgeting and saving, my happiness recorded. 😛


My 30 day Challenge, Day 2 – 10 likes and Dislikes – Sounds more on the boring side.

1. I like Dodge Ram Trucks

2. I like my job

3. I like my brace face smile

4. I like Bewitched.

5. I like talking, a lot.

6. I like weed, marijuana, dope, mary jane, licorice, and reefer: A LOT.

7. I like porn. I still find that weird.

8. I like feeling a good workout.

9. I like the foodgasm that is my green bean casserole.

10. I like competition.


1. I dislike aggressive competition. (win, no matter who you hurt)

2. I dislike bodily functions.

3. I dislike physically doing the dishes.

4. I dislike pessimistic views. ( My glass is ALWAYS half full)

5. I dislike politics.

6. I dislike arrogant bastards that believe they get to have an opinion in someone else’s life.

7. I dislike most Republican opinions to squash the poor people in some manner.

8. I dislike grumpy mornings.

9. I dislike Cucumbers. lol

10. I dislike having to make a list of items I dislike… But I still wanted to do the rest of the challenge.


My new LIFESTYLE update.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to reset my phone and download the apps that I need to remind myself of my minor details…. I forgot about my Mary Kay lady, and have to wait til tomorrow evening when I go back to my parents place to attempt to meet with her.

My short term memory is so terrible. I would fail as a human without a smart phone, its absolutely terrible that its so true. 😦 I just forget things far too easily.

Aaron my sweet came and picked me up after work, he didn’t have to, he simply offered, and I gladly obliged, he cut out 2 hours (or more) of public travel by driving me. 🙂

We did all we needed to at the house, he spent some time with Nahla, I spent some time with Lilah. Then we ran a couple of errands and went home.

I immediately got to the kitchen, started on my dinner, then offered to make something for Aaron, but the boys didn’t feel like waiting so they got to frying up some fresh homemade chicken taquitos our roommate Joe’s mum made for him. I had two while waiting for my food to come out of the oven. They were quite delicious. Then I sat and enjoyed my little baby frozen lasagna, Rachel sized is how the guys put it. Always scrumptious. 🙂

Did a touch more dishes, smoked a tad more than the day previous, but still smoking less than I was. Which is only a touch more motivation than my average day, I cleaned up the kitchen a touch, cleaned the litter boxes, tidied up in the bedroom, and I did my work laundry. Had a couple of bong rips and went off to bed.

This morning was wonderful for me, and awful for Aaron. We both woke up early and both of us tried going back to sleep, I just woke up more and more, then when my alarm went off I was wide awake and feeling great. Aaron was awake and grumpy. I got up and started my coffee, let the pups out, cleaned my to-go coffee cup, put away the dishes from the night before, did a few squats and hopped in the shower. Let me tell you, 150 squats on the first day, is TERRIBLE for the second day. I wish I had thought about the aftermath of pushing myself so hard, it just took so long to feel my heartbeat pick up that I just kept on pushing myself to do another 50 or so more. I wanted to feel it hurt, I wanted to really push myself and get my cardio kick in. Well, it hurts still, in fact it hurts more today than it did yesterday because I did some squats last night to really rub it in that my muscles were sore…

Got to work super early, like usual, and spent less than $1 on my breakfast, since I brought my cereal, fiber bar, granola bar, and coffee. All I needed was milk and a bowl for my cereal, both together came up to 95 cents. Marvelous. Followed by a lunch that was far too expensive, I can’t stray from my Jim-Denny’s sausage. I have no idea why my self discipline fails me for that damn sausage. Its too delicious. >.<

So far my day has been smooth, dull and I’m guilty of splurging, but at least its been a smooth day. I’ve got my cleaning, and my workout routine after work. I’m so grateful I don’t have HW or schooling or anything, but I desperately need a planner to carry around with me and keep my ideas, plans, thoughts, and expenses in check. I’d like to have less issues throughout my week, I’d just simply like more aspects of my life to go as smoothly as work does most days. 🙂


Anyone else thinking of starting a 30 day challenge? I have decided to make up a 30 day challenge for myself, possibly personal, possibly silly. Just to dedicate 30 days to one area in my life. Just to push my self discipline a step further. Any ideas on a silly or serious 30 day challenge you’ve thought up for yourself? I’d love to hear about ’em. 😀


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