Day 6

What Band/ Musician is most important to you?

The Beatles. Forever they will remain my favorite band. They have a song for every mood, every kind of day.

This weekend, I went a little bat shit over Tomorrow Never Knows, Revolver was one of the albums I didn’t frequently listen to, but Joe put it on, compared to my favorite album With the Beatles, Revolver is darker, more moody.

Typically I enjoy fast paced songs, Twist and Shout is the song that persuaded me to fall MADLY in love with the four beautiful men. Or rather Ferris singing Twist and Shout on the float in Ferris Buellers Day Off.

I love the Fab Four.

Ringo for being so silly, and being just the trick they needed to get huge in a heartbeat.

George for his smooth playing, and deep moody songs.

Paul for his adorable smile, high notes, and left handed playing. And silly signature that flips either way. Shit is dope.

John, oh dear John, sweet boyish face, high strung voice, I love that he pushed his vocals SO MUCH, especially for Twist and Shout. Creative ideas, extremely handsome, the man was amazing. Simply. AMAZING. He is the one person I’d give anything to meet and have an evening with. Oh yes.


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