Five Places I Want to Visit

To continue playing catch up with my 30 day blog challenge, day 5 is five places I want to visit.

To start, I wanna do this right. This weekend I was talking with Aaron about a friend he has, named Indigo, cool right? Well Indigo is coming into town here soon, within the next month, and he’ll be here awhile, and he’s bringing his girl. Indigo and the little lady live in Alaska, she has never been to California, so their goal is to do a lot of tourist stuff during their visit, since she’s seen nothing.


Then we started talking about how we can live here, and never do things that are always around. Aaron’s friend Ramone had never been rafting until Saturday, so thats one ‘first’ down for him. Something he could scratch off his bucketlist. We also have a skating rink, a drive in, and K1(indoor kart racing) within a quarter mile of each other. And yet those are things a lot of people here haven’t done, ever.


When I think about the five places I want to visit, I think of specific times involved in said visit there, the reason I want to go.


1. Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve been to Vegas, but I have not experienced Vegas. I turn 21 in less than a month, I ALWAYS wanted to go to Vegas for my 21st birthday, though that was almost a reality for selfish reasons of the other party, its not actually going to happen. But I want to experience drinking in Vegas clubs, swimming at that BEAUTIFUL outdoor pool/club that I’ve seen get crazy from the hotel I’ve stayed in many times before. I want to maybe see a chip n dales show. Go to my first strip club. I want to walk the strip drinking openly. I want to stop in and enjoy all the live music. I want to be able to stop and play the slots for a few moments, experience a few free drinks and then go off and enjoy the rest of my night elsewhere. I want to see the water show with someone I love dearly. I want to enjoy Las Vegas with my best friend or the man I love. I want to experience it, of age.


2. Paris, France.

Shopping in Paris. And a big kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower.
How’s that for cliche’?


3. New York City, NY.

Shit, I don’t think I need a reason. The city is full of life, lights, cars, beautiful people, fashion, fast paced CRAZYNESS. Its just gorgeous, its everything I could want in a city filled with high buildings, Tiffany stores every corner, beautiful clothing, so many people, so many activities, Broadway. Just TAKE ME NOW. I have a love for a city I’ve never seen. I hope to one day experience New Years Eve in Times Square. Forever that will be on my bucketlist.


4. Amsterdam.


If you’ve read any of my posts. I have nothing else to explain.



5. Dallas, Texas.

Zero Gravity. I plan to one day ride all 5 EXTREME rides.

Its simple, its not far, its generally affordable, one day I will make it happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 😉 I’d love to experience it before I have my first bitty baby I’ll need to look after.


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