Friday June 28th, Day 3 Blogging Challenge

My day in great detail. Friday was miserable. Great detail, 2 days later, with lots and lots of drinking and productivity in between… Lets see. But I’m still exhausted..

Woke up early, did my usual squats, got ready and went to work like usual. But my day was nothing but usual. A few things were going wrong at work, I had found out a new piece of information about a family member that hit a nerve, and I was requested to be friends with a guy that helped make my senior year a living hell for the last few months.

I asked him why he added me, he simply said it was because it said we went to the same High School, so I said I don’t associate with backstabbing bastards and assholes. Thank you and Goodbye. Felt good, would’ve felt better if he had actually remembered me. Oh well. But that set me off, I was miserable the rest of the day because nothing seemed to be going right and my emotions were running hot.

That was my day, til I got picked up from Aaron, taken to my parents one last time to feed the animals, clean the litter boxes, steal their extension cord, and get home to drink and hang out with Ninef and Eileen. The recommendation to go rafting was put on the table, and the moment they left Aaron went to work checking to see about his rafts in the garage. Then off to the store we went for patch repairs, a pump and sunscreen. Haha

We came home, I drank and watched him patch ’em up and some Netflix, then went to bed.

🙂 Overall it was crazy, but it was productive, and it certainly wasn’t a boring day.


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