Procrastination and Motivation

Since creating a blog, I’ve opened up more, I may have a lot of healing left to do, but I like having this one place I feel no judgment in the words I choose, and I’ve even got my religious momma that often reads my blog, with no judgment, love that. She even helps me after the fact, she’s been there for me to call, ask questions or tell me something that could help me through my issue of the day.

But, what about everyone else.

Quite a lot of people have helped encourage me throughout my need to blog, whatever the topic, whatever the problem, whatever the challenge, I’ve had help and advice and support here.

These people, I may never get to meet, but it’s lovely following the posts you write, commenting when I have a few words to help inspire you, or questions I’d love the answers to. You follow me, I will follow you. You support me, I will surely support you.

We’ve created our own sort of community. A community of bloggers. Some that want to read the struggles of others, some that want to help advise them through it, some to show their strength and feel the support of others in their weight loss journeys. To see the love and simple support for those struggling to conceive. For everyone with a word to share.

I just wish I could talk to you. We get to blog, and reblog, but we are not a social network. We get to debate, and show brief short lived support for others, but what about those you enjoy talking to, not just reading who they are. I guess its different simply reading into someone. But I’d like to know these people, and support them beyond the possible just one comment.

I want you to know that I care for you, and that I support your goals in life, that I want you to try your hardest. I want you to succeed. I want to motivate you to do what you need to, to reach your goals. And I wish that it were easier to get the support and motivation I lack.

I need support just as badly as anyone. Pathetically, maybe more. Currently in my life, I feel I have the ability to do everything I want, but lack the motivation and support from others. I’m still depending on a small goal to be healthy to push me to do anything. I don’t have the motivation, I just don’t, I lack all motivation without another human being relying on me.


For some reason, I’m aware of my blog, its a habit to check on my blog, but its no habit to make sure to write about anything, I wanted to keep my motivation simply to remember to write on a daily basis for my 30 day blogging challenge. And I couldn’t even do that more than 3 days in a row. Life hits you hard, and Reality is kind of a bitch.

Though I know I want to, know I haven’t posted on that day, I still can’t gather the motivation to write and press publish. So, why do I think I can make myself use my time productively, I’m a HUGE procrastinator, always have been. If there is no reward, or no consequence other than a still dirty home, and a bum slowly lowering. Lol not so cute.


I just wish there was a better way to get the motivation and support I need. No one cares on FB. At least they don’t care about my stuff, never have, why would they now. I’m not an important person to more than about 2 people, maybe. Thats a pity party starting. Motivation, if you please. >.<


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