Saturday Challenge, Day 4

The meaning behind my WordPress URL.


You’ve found that neal is my last name, r for my first name, and 25 is my favorite number.


And we went Rafting, Ramone, Ninef, Eileen, Aaron and I. I hate being a woman, I love having alcohol to make my days go smoother. I was drunk the whole day, in the water the whole time, and it only felt wonderful, til I got out. I love rafting, I think its awesome, and I loved helping guide our “ship” it was kinda cool being all together. I kept putting sunscreen on the spots that always had sun on them. And so I don’t have a crazy sunburn… but I do have one, and its pretty bad on my backside, but its manageable. Boo has a terrible burn pretty much everywhere though, I put 50 on him multiple times but he stayed out of the water A LOT and maybe we just didn’t put enough. I only wore 15 spf all day, but put it on enough I’m mostly just tan everywhere.. Except my sides, lower back, and my butt. Which is strange.

But MAN am I sore, real sore, but not crazy sore. My entire back aches, and my legs are a different kind of sore from swimming so much, but it feels healthy, I like being this kind of sore.

I greatly missed swimming, and with how much I drank before we got on the river, my day was beautiful, I was drunk, and I was able to swim with no problems for quite a while. Once I sobered I wasn’t able to get in the water for much, the river CREEPS me out, literally one of my worst fears is swimming in the ocean, lake or river, and not being able to see the ground, its just creepy, and nasty. So while drunk I was good. 🙂

Then I got home, and bought a 6 pack of Mikes, to enjoy the rest of the weekend, I needed my own medicine to get through the weekend. I’ll remember that, my womanly visit, I need a Smirnoff Party Pack. Keep me drinking, and I’m good.


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