I LOVE Wednesdays!

I have managed to wait this entire time, I’ve managed to keep it partially to myself. Its something that means absolutely nothing to ANYONE else. But it means EVERYTHING to me. It will change my view on myself, and it will only be fantastic. I will keep it together one more day. ONE. MORE. DAY.

But I spent years, I repeat YEARS waiting for this day. The excitement I felt on the first day is nothing compared to the excitement of finishing. After all the downsides, the pain, the struggles, the begging, the waiting, the teases, the taunts, I did it. And now its time to finish with the last step. And tomorrow will end like any other day, only I will be myself. I will feel like me again, I will feel my AGE again.

Tomorrow. I will feel amazing. I will endure pain, but it will be my day to shine. And Aaron has promised to take me to dinner.




I couldn’t hold my excitement back. Tomorrow may just be the greatest day of my year. I LOVE WEDNESDAYS!


2 thoughts on “I LOVE Wednesdays!

  1. I have to say I’m intrigued. And so happy that you’re so happy about whatever this is lol. I hope you’ll tell us about it when it happens. Good luck to you 🙂

    • Thank you!
      I promise I will. But I’ll have to wait til I come back to work on Friday to share my WONDERFUL personal news. (no computer at home, and I have Wednesday and Thursday off)
      Have a great week!

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